My 7 Favourite Beauty & Style Youtube Channels

As you know I love to watch youtube videos for inspiration, when I look for more information about products and brands or just for fun. So I decided to share with you my 7 favourite youtube channels where you can find videos about style, makeup and beauty, lifestyle and travel! Here they are (you can go to the channel by clicking the name)

Annie Jaffrey 

Her channel is focused on healthy lifestyle, beauty and travels. She was moving quite a lot and she was living in different places – New York, Dubai and now somewhere in Germany. Annie is very positive and she will definitely motivate you to do a positive changes in your routines.

Ashley Brooke

Ashley is obsessed with fashion, so she makes a lot of videos about style and trends. I really enjoy watching her “How to Style” and “What I wore” series, there are true inspiration for creating looks. Also on her channel you can find beauty tips and tutorials and some funny vlogs with her boyfriend.

Amanda Ensing

She is a real makeup guru! Amanda creates makeup tutorials and reviews of different beauty products. She is very beautiful and funny, so it is always interesting to watch her videos and the looks she creates are always amazing.

Patricia Bright

Patricia is a british blogger and vlogger. I just love her channel, she posts a lot of videos on various topics – beauty, fashion, personal, travelling, advices and lifestyle. Patricia is super positive and funny so it is impossible not to like her videos.

Haus of color

She was the first youtuber I have followed. I really like her because her videos are nice, interesting and funny. I especially enjoy watching her travel vlogs and try on hauls. Now being a new mommy she also makes videos on baby stuff and etc.

Amber Scholl

Amber is american vlogger, she is super hilarious and knows how to have fun. She gained followers super easy because she is always honest, extremely creative and very funny. Her passion to sparkly things and super glam looks are combined with affordable brands, tips and tricks type “broke b*tch” – like she likes to call them.

Maria Draganova

She is bulgarian girl living in London. I found her videos a couple of weeks ago. Maria is very pretty and so stylish. Her vlogs are about high-end or luxury items. She has sense of humour and is always super cute.

P.S: Have you watched some of their videos? Do you have other favourite channels?



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