Black Friday Wishlist DressLily

On Black Friday I prefer to shop online because it is so crowded everywhere and it is really difficult to go around and to find what I want. This year I decided to browse through some websites and to create my wishlists including all the items I want, so that way when it is time I can go ahead and directly purchase them.

One of my wishlists  is from DressLily`s black friday sales 2017. It is a new website for me, so it will be my very first time ordering from it.  They offer a lot of different stuff – clothes, accessories, shoes and etc., you can find some good deals and nice items with good quality and affordable prices.

So I chose three items to add to my black Friday sales wishlist:

Satin Bomber Jacket

Off-the-shoulder Dress

Laced-Up Bodysuit


Usually I try to follow some simple rules when I shop on Black Friday:

  • First, I create my wishlists so I don’t waste time in searching and looking around;
  • I decide on what my budget is going to be so I don’t go crazy and end up spending too much money;
  • I prefer to get simple and basic pieces, usually I don’t go for the super trendy things because they may be out of style after a month or so;
  • Also I try to stick to more basic colours;
  • I am always careful with the sizing because each website and brand have its own sizes;
  • I try to choose good  fabrics and materials;
  • And last but not least, I always try to imagine how I am going to style the piece so I can be sure if it is going to suit my other clothes and style.


Go to DressLily and find more about their black Friday deals!

P.S: What is on your wishlist? Do you have any tips and trick while shopping online?



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