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Valentine`s Day

Valentine`s Day is just around the corner! Are you excited? If you are going to be with your loved one you must be.. if you are single you still can enjoy fun girls night out so I think in both situations you will want to look stunning.

I know how a good underwear can boost self-confidence even when no one else will see it. So I picked up 5 very affordable and beautiful sets from Gamiss.

Burgundy Set: here

Black Lace Set (on top): here

Backless Plunge: here

Red Satin & Lace Set: here

Lace Bralette Set: here

P.S: I wish all Happy Valentine`s Day no matter how you gonna celebrate it 😉


Свети Валентин наближава, вълнувате ли се? Независимо дали ще празнувате с човека, когото обичате или пък ще излезете с приятелки, най-важното е да се забавлявате и да се чувствате добре. А със сигурност знам, че един от безотказните начини да се чувстваме добре е да изглеждаме добре. Хубавото бельо винаги ни прави по-уверени, дори когато никой друг няма да го види 🙂

За това избрах 5 красиви сета в тематиката на празника:

Винено червен сет: тук

Черен дантелен сет (горе): тук

Черно дантелено боди: тук

Червен сет – дантела и сатен: тук

Дантелен бралет сет: тук

P.S: Пожелавам ви прекрасен Свети Валентин 🙂




Three Christmas Party Looks with Zaful

One of the most famous clothing websites for 2017 is Zaful.  So I decided to browse through Zaful Christmas Deals 2017 – and I have found that the prices are very affordable and you can find anything you want – from dresses to home decor.

And since it is the season of all kinds of parties, I created three party looks and all of the items are from the Christmas deals on Zaful.

The Office Party

Dress: Here

Boots: Here

Bag: Here

The Family Dinner

Sweater & Knitted Skirt Set: Here

Boots: Here

Bag: Here

Earrings : Here


Party with Friends

Dress: Here

Bag: Sold out but you can find some other options Here

Earrings: Here


P.S: Which is your favourite look? Have you been shopping on Zaful and don’t forget to check out their Christmas clothing deals 🙂


Един от най-известните и коментирани уеб сайтове за дрехи през 2017 г. е Zaful. Реших да разгледам Коледното намаление – изненадах се, че на сайта има всичко от дрехи – до неща за дома, а цените са доста достъпни.

Тъй като е сезонът на партитата, направих три колажа – визии, подходящи за Коледните партите, които предстоят! Надявам се да ви харесат 🙂

#1 Коледно парти в офиса

Рокля: тук

Ботуши: тук

Чанта: тук

#2 Коледно парти у дома

Сет пола и пуловер: тук

Боти: тук

Чанта: тук

Обеци : тук

#3 Коледно парти с приятели

Рокля: тук

Чанта: тук

Обеци: тук

P.S: Коя от трите визии ви допада най-много? Вие с какво планувате да се облечете на Коледа?




My Super Affordable Wishlist

Beige Coat – Victorias Wing

Floral Dress – Zaful

Trousers – TopShop

Black Crop Knit Jumper – Boohoo

Embroidered MIni Skirt – Pretty Little Things

Lace Bralet – New Look 

Black Booties – Steve Madden

Beige High Heels – H&M

Beige Handbag – Zara

Watch – Fossil

Red Earrings – Miss Selfridge

P.S: Which one is your favourite item from my wishlist? What is on yours?


Какво има в моят шопинг лист?

Бежово палто – Victorias Wing

Флорална рокля  – Zaful

Панталони – TopShop

Черен плетен кроп-топ – Boohoo

Мини пола с бродерия – Pretty Little Things

Дантелен бралет – New Look 

Черни боти – Steve Madden

Бежови обувки  – H&M

Бежова чанта – Zara

Часовник – Fossil

Червени обеци – Miss Selfridge

P.S: А какво има във вашият шопинг лист?



Black Friday Wishlist DressLily

On Black Friday I prefer to shop online because it is so crowded everywhere and it is really difficult to go around and to find what I want. This year I decided to browse through some websites and to create my wishlists including all the items I want, so that way when it is time I can go ahead and directly purchase them.

One of my wishlists  is from DressLily`s black friday sales 2017. It is a new website for me, so it will be my very first time ordering from it.  They offer a lot of different stuff – clothes, accessories, shoes and etc., you can find some good deals and nice items with good quality and affordable prices.

So I chose three items to add to my black Friday sales wishlist:

Satin Bomber Jacket

Off-the-shoulder Dress

Laced-Up Bodysuit


Usually I try to follow some simple rules when I shop on Black Friday:

  • First, I create my wishlists so I don’t waste time in searching and looking around;
  • I decide on what my budget is going to be so I don’t go crazy and end up spending too much money;
  • I prefer to get simple and basic pieces, usually I don’t go for the super trendy things because they may be out of style after a month or so;
  • Also I try to stick to more basic colours;
  • I am always careful with the sizing because each website and brand have its own sizes;
  • I try to choose good  fabrics and materials;
  • And last but not least, I always try to imagine how I am going to style the piece so I can be sure if it is going to suit my other clothes and style.


Go to DressLily and find more about their black Friday deals!

P.S: What is on your wishlist? Do you have any tips and trick while shopping online?