My 10 wardrobe essentials

One of every girl`s problems is daily wondering what to wear! I know all of us have those struggles  and in the same time our wardrobe is full of stuff ..but they either don’t match or aren’t appropriate. But everywhere – tv, magazines, blogs and social media, we see those girls looking so stylish and flawless but also effortless. One of the main rules they follow (and you should too) is create your outfit on the solid foundation of basic essential pieces. So all you have to do is just find those pieces and the other part is pretty easy!

Of course you can find all of the basic essentials in different sizes, fits, materials. You can choose by different brands and price ranges as well. So feel free to find the ones which suits your body, needs and budget best. My tip is to stick to basic colors – white, black, grey and nudes.

Here  are my 10 basic wardrobe pieces:

Skinny jeans

skinny jeans

Black pants

black pants

Black pencil skirt

black pencil skirt


black top


white tee

White shirt

white shirt

Black blazer

black blazer

Leather jacket




Little black dress





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