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My 3 Favourite Travel YouTube Channels

Nowadays is so easy to get information about the places you want to visit, to make bookings and to have an idea where you are going and etc. A part of travel guides and travel blogs, my favourite thing to is definitely watching youtube travel vlogs.


So here are my top 3 favourite Youtube channels… I am sure they will inspire you to travel!

The Bucket List Family

The cutest family ever! Those guys are travelling with two adorable babies around the world and they are filming already 1 year.  They were brave enough to leave their home to sell everything they got and to start the trip of their lives. The Bucket List Family are the prove that it  is not impossible to be a full-time travelling family and to travel and raise kids can be done in the same time in super awesome way! No need to explain more.. just go and check their videos!

Find them here – The Bucket List Family

Mimi Ikonn

Mimi is a lifestyle, beauty and travel youtuber. Her videos travelling with her hubby are more than inspiring. They are nice, funny couple and they will show you a lot of places. They are sharing where they stayed – hotels recommendations, where are the best places to eat and super useful tips which can help you during your trip.

Watch Mimi`s blogs here – Mimi Ikonn

Lost LeBlanc

He is young, adventurous and funny. LeBlanc travels around with his gorgeous girlfriend or with friends, showing amazing places in his interesting vlogs and sharing his experience. I was surprised to see his travel vlogs from Bulgaria as well. I really enjoy his vlogs  because I think he has a very different way of showing the destination.

Check his channel here – Lost LeBlanc

P.S: So go check their videos and let me know which one is your favourite!  I hope you  got the  inspiration you needed, and you will start planning your next trip!



7 Tips Moving to Another Country


On this post I will share my 7 tips on Moving to another country. So no matter if it is going to be for a couple of months or for good, you little adventurist, have to prepare yourself. And simply I can separate this preparation into two parts: “Before you go” and “Once you are already there”.

Lets start with the very basic things you need to do before you leave:

  1. Open bills and other type of engagements
    So first thing you don’t want to leave without taking care of bills that need to be paid. And I also prefer to shut down everything which can come back at me, like for instance I prefer to stop using mobile services from my home country because it is much easier if I take a new card in the new country.
  2. Personal stuff
    You need to think what you want to take with you and what do you want to do with the rest. Basically my suggestion is to take as little as possible. You can sell some stuff, give it to friends or donate them.
  3. You have to do your homework
    By homework I mean biiiiiig research. You have to look for more information for the place where you are going, people, culture, everything you have to deal with so you are not going to be super surprised when you arrive. Nowadays that is not so difficult there are so many websites, blogs, forums and etc where you can ask and find anything.
  4. Prepare for the financial part
    You have to find out how much you are going to need at least for the first couple of weeks – including place to stay, expenses on food, transportation and etc. Calculate the money you will need till you got your first income. If you are moving and you already know you will start a job right away then it will be easier. If you are moving and you are planing to start to look for a job once you are already there, then try to prepare yourself if it isn’t so easy and it takes more time.
    *It is never a bad idea to have an “emergency” amount which you can use in case something you haven’t planned happens.Once you are already there:
  5. New place – new friends
    First and most important is trying to make new contacts. So reach out to people, don’t be shy try to meet new people all the time. You can do volunteer work or go to a dance class or a cooking class, where you can meet people with the same hobbies and interests like you.
  6. Try to stay on a budget
    After you got your budget ( from 4th tip) try to not spend money for things that are not urgent at least till you get new source of income 🙂
  7. Learn the language
    If you are moving to another country and you don’t speak the language, you need at least to try learning it. It will be very useful and it will make your life so much easier. Also the people will really appreciate your effort and it is fun.

P.S: If you have moved to another country, please share your tips!




New York Minute – Travel Guide I

“One belongs to New York instantly. One belong to it as much in five minutes as in five years.”

Thomas Wolfe


There must be something in New York`s air… It is one of a kind place which can`t be explained but has to be felt.

I was in New York a couple of years ago but still remember it like it was yesterday.  New York is one of the most famous cities in the world for a reason and sure a favourite one to a lot of people too.  And of course it is an inspiration for so many movies and songs. New York is the most populous city in the USA and yes it is sooooo crowded.



So depending from where you want to travel, it is pretty easy to find a way to get there. The adventure just started when you are already in New York.

New York City Subway connects all the parts of the city and it can looks a little bit confusing but once you get you will not going to have any problems. And it is the best way to explore the city.

There are of course some tourist buses who can offer you a ride to the most famous touristic spots. But I am not really a fan so I always prefer to go by myself. And New York`s taxis are pretty expensive so you may not want to try.. also because of the traffic it can take forever to reach your destination.

Walk Walk Walk

If you are not going too far just walk.. New York is really a walking city. I feel like it is one of those places ..always can impress you and surprise you.  Even when we were walking on some small streets I still was amazed it is just so much beauty everywhere. So if you choose to go by walking you will have more time to experience this one of a kind city!


Where to stay

There are so many places which can suit your preferences and budget. First when me and my friend arrived we had a booking for some hotel in Brooklyn. But we didn’t actually like it there.. it wasn’t very tourists friendly and it was way too far from everything.

So we moved to a nice small hotel in Manhattan. I definitely recommend staying at some hotel in Manhattan because it is so lovely there and it is very close to everything you want to see.  A lot of people everywhere because it is the heart of New York! Also from there you can easily go to every other place.

The hotel we stayed in was very close to Central Park and Hudson River – very nice location and still quite and cozy. And like I said there are so many hotels so you can easily find the perfect one for you!



Don`t miss

Must see places are difficult to define.. because there is so much to see in city big and unique as New York. No matter if you have one week or one month there will be still something you missed…


P.S: Have you been in New York City? Which is your favourite spot?