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Aussie Miracle Review

Each one of us is facing different issues with her hair. Either you have a thin hair with no-volume, or your hair is damaged and coloured, I am sure you have tried a thousands of products and you are still trying to find the best one for you. Out there are so many different brands and types of hair products. During my hair journey I tried quite a lot of them too – some were good, others weren’t. Today I decided to review 2 hair products  of the super famous Australian brand Aussie. Both of them I find pretty amazing! And they are currently part of my hair routine.

There is more life than hair but it is a good place to start

The Aussie Philosophy


So here they are:

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment


First of course I use a shampoo and then it is turn to Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment like a conditioner – 3 minute repairing therapy. I leave it on my hair for a couple of minutes, and then of course rinse it. And let me be honest, at first I was very sceptical about it and my first impression wasn’t so good. But after the second time I use it I really liked it and now I can say  it is actually very good. The texture is nice, not heavy and the colour and the smell are like a bubble gum (pink and sweet).

It contains Australian Jojoba Seed Oil and Aloe Vera which will smooth and control frizz, as in the same time will replenish moisture and will leave your hair luscious and shiny.



Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment makes my hair more textured and I feel like it is in better conditions,  much stronger than before. I choose the Frizz Remedy because my hair is very soft, thin and it is very frizzy. Definitely super happy with it! I want to try as well some of the others 3 Minute Miracle Treatments especially the damaged hair treatment!

Aussie 3 Miracle Oil


After I get out of the shower and my hair is still wet before I try to maintain it I use Aussie 3 Miracle Oil. And let me tell you it is a REAL MIRACLE! You can also use it before shampooing kinda like a mask, or on dry hair just to make it shinier.

The texture is not greasy and it doesn’t make your hair heavy and oily. It contains Australian Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba-seed Oil and Avocado Oil. Smells like a candy.



It leaves my hair smoother and shiner. Either you style your hair or you let it air dry ( Aussie believes in the air-dry-hair) it will have the smooth and silky finish.

Aussie  products are all very affordable but not so easy to get your hands on…at least in Europe. I found mine during my trip to Czech Republic, but for instance in Bulgaria, Aussie  products are difficult to find.

But you can always find them onlinehttp://aussiehair.com/en-gb . If you are trying to find your hair`s  best match, you can take a look at the website and you can choose by a huge range of products. Aussie have different collections which are suitable for different hair types. Aussie website will help you find the closest store to you or as well order the products online.

P.S: Let me know which one is your favorite Aussie product!



По време на пътуването ми до Чехия, закупих два продукта на автралийската марка Aussie – балсам / терапия и олио за краища.

“Животът не е само коса, но тя е добър старт“


Aussie 3 Минутна терапия (3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment)

Аз използвам този продукт след шампоана, намазвам обилно по краищата на косата и го оставам за около 5-6 минути, след което изплаквам. Доволна съм, но не мога да кажа, че е любимият ми балсам за коса. Консистенцията му не е мн тежка, не омазнява и не оставя косата “на клечки”. Освен това мирише прекрасно! Съдържа австралийско масло от жожоба и алое вера, които хидратират, не утежняват косата и правят я по-мека и гладка. Подробно може да видите състава на снимките по-горе.

Вторият продукт е Aussie 3 Магически Масла (3 Miracle Oil)

На все още влажна коса, отново по краищата, тъй като моите са доста сухи, нанасям този продукт. Трите масла, които съдържа са от макадамия, жожоба и авокадо. Благодарение на тях, спомага за по-лесното разресване, предотвратявайки накъсването на краищата. Не е прекалено мазен, не отежнява косъма, а само хидратира. Мирише много приятно, също както балсама.

Продуктите на Aussie  са на достъпни цени, но в България, поне за момента не се предлагат в дрогерийните магазини. Но може да бъдат поръчани онлайн: Официален сайт.

P.S: Използвали ли сте продукти на Aussie? Кои са любимците ви в грижата за косата?