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Sunday Afternoon – Aktaion in Naxos

I have found Aktaion Pastry Boutique two weeks ago when I went out for a walk. This is one of the cutest and most Instagram-ish places in Naxos.

There are two Aktaion Pastry Boutiques under the same name in the city. But the one I recommend is in the city centre close to the harbour because it is easier to be found. And also the view is very beautiful, you can take a sit outside and just enjoy the sea and the ships going in and out of the harbour.


Photo Credit : Facebook

Ππεριφερειακός, Νάξος 843 00
84300 Náxos
Phone: (0030) 2285 026111

You can have a coffee as well as some other hot drink. But of course don’t skip those heavenly sweet treats. My favourite ice-cream is the Macaron one which you can see on the photo below.

https://www.facebook.com/aktaionaxos/2Photo Credit : Facebook



You can also choose from a huge selection of French Macarons. Not only a pleasure for the eyes but also super delicious 🙂


More Info: Aktaion Official Site

P.S: Do you like Macarons? Which one is your favourite?



Sunday Afternoon in Caffe Pascucci Rimini

Sunday is relax and coziness.. Sunday is comfy clothes and big sunglasses… Sunday is a good coffee and something sweet.. Sunday is a nice walk on the beach with a good friend.

This Sunday I will take you on a walk, we will see one of the most beautiful italian beaches

….and after we will grab a coffee at the most famous cafeteria in Rimini – Caffe Pascucci.


Address: Viale Amerigo Vespucci, 47921 Rimini, Italy

Phone: 0039 0541 709165

More information on www.pascucci.it


The coffee shop is pretty big and if the weather is nice also there are tables outside with а view over the main boulevard from where you can spy the tourists browsing around. You can sit with a friends and enjoy the nice company, or hide in some of the small tables inside and just have a relaxing time and do some work.


I like the interior, it is very simple with mainly black, white and dark brown. There are some little pretty details like pictures on the walls. It is cozy but still modern and stylish.


The atmosphere is very nice, the buzzing around people, the conversations and the warm welcoming from the staff, who works there make your experience even more interesting.


They offer pretty big selection of cold and hot drinks. My favourite are cappuccino and tea. Also with the drinks they give you some sweets as a compliment.


As it comes to the price range, I can say it is higher than average in Rimini. But once in a while it is worth the splurge to spoil yourself.


P.S: Do you have any favourite spots? How do you spend your Sundays?



Coffee in Rimini – Borgo San Giuliano

Rimini is one of the most famous tourist seaside destinations in Europe. It is located in the Northern  part of Italy, on the beautiful Adriatic sea. Rimini is famous with the endless beaches, nice restaurants and a huge number of clubs, bars and cafeterias.


But a part of that there are a lot of things more to catch your attention. One of the prettiest and picturesque places in Rimini is a neighbourhood called Borgo San Giuliano. It will surprise you with its narrow streets, colourful small houses on which you can see beautiful frescoes representing Frederico Fellini`s movies. Walking through the streets will take you away from the noisy and busy main touristic points.






You can get there from the historical city centre, it is only 10-minutes walk. On your way you need to pass through The Bridge of Tiberius (Ponte di Tiberio) which is also very beautiful place, with a view over Marecchia river. When you cross the bridge you can also enjoy a nice walk in Parco XXV Aprile.


I personally really enjoy this part of the city, it is very beautiful and peaceful. Also I happened to find a small coffee shop, right after the bridge in the beginning of  Borgo San Giuliano, called
Pasticceria Vecchi Rimini.


Location: Viale Tiberio 7, tel: (0039) 541 25821

I definitely recommend you to give a try because it is very close to the city centre and in the same time is far from the over-craziness of the main tourist street. It is one of my favourite places in Rimini!


I really enjoy the atmosphere there. You can sit inside and enjoy the interior with the small cute tables, the aroma of fresh coffee and the passionate italian conversations happening on the tables around you! Or you can choose a table outside from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the park and the bridge.


You can pick from their coffee drinks and super delicious sweets which are fresh and prepared there.

I enjoyed my super extra creamy cappuccino and a red sweet dessert with a cream inside!

P.S: I hope you will like it too! Let me know if you have another favourite spots in Rimini!


Римини е един от най-известните морски курорти в Европа. Намира се в северната част на Италия, на брега на Адриатическо море. Курортът е известен с красивата си плажна ивица, историческите си забележителности и множеството ресторанти и клубове.

Но това далеч не е всичко, Римини има още с какво да привлече вниманието ви. Едно от най-красивите кътчета на града е Borgo San Giuliano (Борго Сан Джулиано). Това е и най-старият квартал, който ще ви изненада с малките си тесни улички,  църкви и шарени къщи, на които са изрисувани сцени и герои от филмите на известния италиански кинорежисьор Фредерико Фелини. Разходката тук ще ви отведе сякаш в друго време, далеч от тълпата и шумотевицата на туристическите атракции.

Това е едно от най-любимите ми места в Римини, защото освен красивата гледка и автентичната обстановка, предлага тишина и спокойствие. Освен това точно след мостът, открих малко кафене, което също препоръчвам да посетите!

Pasticceria Vecchi Rimini

Адрес: Viale Tiberio 7, tel: (0039) 541 25821

Това определено е едно от любимите ми места в Римини, тъй като е в близост до центъра, но едновременно с това е сравнително спокойно. Pasticceria Vecchi Rimini ще ви предложи типичната атмосфера за италианските кафенета – приятен интериор, приветлив и усмихнат персонал, аромат на кафе и глъчка от разговорите наоколо.

А ако изберете да се настаните на някоя от масите пред кафенето, ще имате възможност да се наслаждавате на прекрасната гледка към Ponte di Tiberio и Parco XXV Aprile.

Ако сте любители на капучиното, като мен,  препоръчвам да  го опитате тук.. Не пропускайте да пробвате и някой от сладкишите, които са приготвени на място.

P.S: Надявам се да ви хареса! Споделете вашите любими места в Римини, ще се радвам да ги посетя.