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May Favourites

Hey beauties,

it is officially June.. I know, I can’t believe this either! Where did the first half of the year go? Anyway, since I have been on the way and crazy busy last month, I didn’t have the chance to blog more but I did get my hands on a couple of good stuff, so I decided to share with you.

Here are my favourites for May:


Golden Tears from Mastic SPA – here; Argan Crystal Oil Bio Pharma – here; Liz Earle Nourishing Botanical Body Cream – here; Schwarzkopf Got2B Straightening Hair Spray – here; Sleek Make Up – Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream – here; Jonhson`s Face Care Wipes – here; Book Sometimes I Lie – here.

Grazia Bulgaria & Golden Tears from Mastic SPA


When I was back at home I got the new Grazia Bulgaria which came with a little Eye Cream – Golden Tears from Mastic SPA. I have read a lot of different reviews saying that this one isn’t the original product. Anyway I use it for the last two – three weeks, and I am pretty happy with it, so it is one of my favourites for May.

Hair Crystal Oil – Bio Pharma


The new – old favourite Argan Oil. I have used this product before and I really like it. I put it on my hair after shower and it makes it easy to comb and to manage, and of course last but not least it smells amazing.

Sleek Make Up Matte Me


This is my super extra favourite product for the last month. I have seen this all over Instagram and I was curious to try it out. I got Sleek Make Up Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip Cream during my stay in Malta. The shade I chose is Bitter Sweet but I would love to try all of them as well as the eyeshadow palettes.

Liz Earle Nourishing Botanical Body Cream


Liz Earle is a British cosmetics brand, they have a huge range of body, hair and make up products. Good quality and the packaging is nice. This body lotion hydrates and soothes the skin, it also smells very good.

Schwarzkopf Got2B Straightening Spray 


I got this hair spray by Schwarzkopf a long time ago but I started using it a little bit more often lately. It is for heat protection and it helps you to keep your hair straight for a little bit longer. I really like it because it makes my hair thicker and it looks stronger.

Book Sometimes I lie – Alice Feeney


I got this book Sometimes I Lie from the airport in Malta. I really like it so far and I am still reading it. It tells the story of a woman who is in a coma. To be honest it got me because of the cover and the tittle 🙂 Well.. I guess we all lie sometimes…

P.S:  Have you tried some of those products? Share with me your current favourites, I would love to try them out!



L`Oreal Detox & Brighten Pure Clay Mask Review

One of the best drugstore brands you can get your hands on is L`Oreal. The quality of their products is amazing, the packaging is always very pretty and they are very affordable. So in this post I will share my latest love – L`Oreal Detox Pure Clay Mask.

 L`Oreals Pure Clay Masks are three:


One is detox & brighten mask, one is exfoliating & refining and the other one is purify & mattify mask.

My favourite face mask lately  is L`Oreal Detox & Brighten Pure Clay Mask (the black mask).  I haven’t try the other two but I will definitely give them a try.


First, lets talk about the packaging.. The mask comes in a glass jar with very pretty white-green top. It looks very luxurious and expensive. Here in Italy you can find it in every drugstore and it costs between 10-12 euro. You can find it also here : L`Oreal Online. The price is good, considering it is 50ml and it is very good quality.



All three masks contain 3 pure clays: Kaolin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul. They are suitable for all skin types.

  • Kaolin is a highly effective natural clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum;
  • Montmorillonite – rich in minerals, a clay recognised for helping to eliminate imperfections;
  • Ghassoul is a pure clay, highly concentrated in minerals,  renowned to help clarify complexion. Instant and lasting, visible results . Immediately after the use the skin is purer and clearer. After one week: the skin feels fresher, and more luminous, skin can breathe and is visibly transformed.



You need to apply an even layer on clean and dry skin. I have been loving the smell, it is amazing – very fresh and clean. But for some people it can be too strong. The mask is very thick, the consistency is heavy and creamy but the application is easy and it absorbs very quick into the skin.

After applying leave for 10-15 minutes, the mask dries quite fast but even if you leave it for a little bit longer it still washes off easily. L`Oreal recommend to use it 3 times a week, I use it 1-2 times a week.


I think this mask is very good for people with oily skin, struggling with blackheads and acne. My skin is oily and I really like it. It makes it clearer, brighter and softer, doesn’t dry out and doesn’t leave “the stretched” feeling. I would love to try the other two as well.

P.S: Have you tried any of L`Oreal Pure Clay Masks? Do you have another favourite face masks? 


Реших да ви представя един от моите фаворити в грижата за кожата – L`Oreal Detox & Brighten Pure Clay Mask. Маската е от най-новите продукти на Лореал и се предлага в три разновидности: детоксикираща, почистваща и пилинг.

Ще ви споделя мнението си за L`Oreal Detox & Brighten Pure Clay Mask (сиво – черната маска), от която съм изключително доволна. Определено смятам да пробвам и останалите две.


Маската е 50мл и се предлага в красиво стъклено бурканче  със зелено-бяла капачка. Това гарантира използването на абсолютно цялото количество. В Италия, маската може да се намери лесно, във всеки козметичен магазин, на цена 10-12 евро. Разбира се, можете да я намерите и онлайн: L`Oreal Online.


И трите маски от серията съдържат глина и са подходящи за всички типове кожа. В състава им има още:

  • Каолин – натурална съствка, почистваща порите в дълбочина и абсорбираща излишният себум;
  • Montmorillonite – глина, която е богата на минерали и помага за намаляване на несъвършенствата;
  • Ghassoul – глина, която почиства, освежава и избелва кожата.


Маската се нанася на равен слой на почистено и подсушено лице. Консистенцията е много гъста, не е водниста, но въпреки това се нанася лесно. Попива в кожата бързо и изсъхва. Ароматът на маската е много приятен и свеж, но е доста силен.

След нанасяне, маската изсъхва на лицето за около 10-15 минути. Отмива се лесно и не изсушава прекалено кожата. Аз използвам маската 1-2 пъти седмично, за най-добри резултати е препоръчително 3 пъти.


Още след първата употреба, ефектът върху кожата ми е осезаем, усеща се много по-чиста, мека и свежа. Определено съм изключително доволна и бих закупила и другите две маски от серията.

P.S: Вие използвали ли сте някоя от маските от тази серия? Какви са впечатленията ви?




10 Beauty Products Under 10 euro

We all love beauty products who are good quality but still don’t break the bank. So here are some of my affordable beauty buys:

10 products under 10 euro

  1. Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water & Makeup Remover
  2. Loreal Pure Clay Face Mask
  3. Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes
  4. Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation
  5. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Concealer
  6. Loreal True Match Powder
  7. Maybelline The Nudes Palette
  8. Maybelline Volume Express the Colossal Mascara
  9. Ardell Lashes
  10. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream / NYX Butter Gloss


P.S: If you have other affordable products worth the try, share in the comments down below, I would love to try them out!


10 продука с цена под 20 лева (10 евро):

  1. Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water & Makeup Remover
  2. Loreal Pure Clay Face Mask
  3. Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes
  4. Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation
  5. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Concealer
  6. Loreal True Match Powder
  7. Maybelline The Nudes Palette
  8. Maybelline Volume Express the Colossal Mascara
  9. Ardell Lashes
  10. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream / NYX Butter Gloss

P.S: Използвали ли сте някой от тези продукти? Имате ли други любимци?



KIKO Prom Queen Eyeshadow Palette Review

One of my total steals from this sale season was the KIKO Prom Queen Eyeshadow Palette. I tested other products from KIKO Milano before and I really like  the brand. The quality is really good, the packaging is nice and the products are very affordable.  I still have some of the single eyeshadows. The colours are nice and they are very pigmented.

Lately I use only nude lipsticks and eyeshadows, I wanted to buy a new palette. But I was looking for something with basic colours, small so I can travel with it, affordable and still good quality. So when I saw this palette, I was very excited to try it out.


First I think the packaging is really cute and pretty. It kinda makes me wish I had a nice uniform when I was at high school 🙂


The palette is closing with a magnet and it has a mirror inside,  which makes it very comfortable if you travel with it. Also it comes with an applicator which I personally don’t use, I prefer using make up brushes.


And on to the coloursKIKO Prom Queen Eyeshadow Palette contains 6 beige nude colours, as it is written on the box “Stylish Taupes”. The first one is light like an ivory colour, next is a champagne colour with a little bit of shimmer, then shimmery beige, and beigy-browns light and dark, and the last one is very dark brown.


Here are the swatches:



I really like all the colours. Perfect for day-time make up and for smokey eyes. I think I will get a lot of use out of this palette. The eyeshadows are very pigmented, all the colours  apply nice, easy and very smoothly.

You can find KIKO Prom Queen Eyeshadow Palette here: KIKO Milano Online

P.S: Have you tried KIKO Prom Queen Eyeshadow Palette or other products of the brand? Let me know about your favourite eyeshadow palette in the moment.



Началото на годинита е времето на разпродажбите. Една от най-любимите ми покупки от този сезон опредлено е тази палитра със сенки за очи на KIKO Milano. Използвала съм и други продукти на марката и съм изключително доволна, предлагат отлично качество на доста достъпни цени.

Напоследък предпочитам да използвам само натурални или т.нар. “nude” цветове и исках да намеря подходяща палитра със сенки за очи, която да е именно в тези нюанси. Освен това и да е малка и удобна за носене, а цветовете да са наситени и по възможност матови. Палитрата KIKO Milano Prom Queen е точно това.

Първо впечатление ми направи ярката опаковка, напомняща за колежанска унифрома.

Палитрата се затваря с магнит и има огледало от долната страна на капака. Това прави използването и още по лесно и удобно дори когато не си у дома. Вътре има и апликатор, който аз лично не използвам, тъй като предпочитам четките за грим.

KIKO Milano Prom Queen се сътой от 6 бежово-кафеви цвята сенки за очи. Първият е доста светъл, подходящ за нанасяне на горната част на клепача, под веждите. Вторият цвят е бляскъво розово-шампанско, следващият е бежово-златисто. И три бежово-кафеви.

Изключително много ми харесват тези цветове – могат да се използват както за дневен грим, така и за вечерен. Нещото, което ме изненада беше че са доста пигментирани и се нанасят лесно и равно.

Можете да намерите палитрата тук: KIKO Milano Online.

P.S: Вие използвали ли сте продукти на KIKO Milano?