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One Day in San Marino

I am sharing with you my day trip to San Marino!


San Marino is the third smallest country in Europe and fifth in the world.  San Marino is the oldest sovereign state and constitution republic in the world. It is located in region Emilia Romagna, so it is surrounded by Italy, 10km away from the Adriatic sea.

How to get to San Marino?

The easiest way to reach San Marino is by bus from Rimini. One-way ticket is 5 euro, return ticket is around 9 euros. The bus leaves from Rimini Train Station. You can buy a ticket from the bus driver.

What to see?

The Republic of San Marino is a couple of small towns situated around a mountain top. The touristic part is the capital called San Marino which is on the mountain top. The capital is surrounded by a stone wall and it is pretty small, there are a couple of small narrow streets with a lot of shops and restaurants.


You have to prepare yourself for some walking till you get to the highest point! But it will be worth it I promise 😉

The Three Towers of San Marino


Palazzo Pubblico:


Basilica di San Marino:


The view:



What I enjoyed the most?

Definitely I am gonna say the view you have from almost every point! If the weather is nice and it is not cloudy or muddy you can see all the surrounding cities and even The Adriatic Sea. It is very beautiful. When you get out of the shopping streets and you start walking to the highest point you will go through some narrow paths, forest around you, clean super fresh air, which was the part I liked better than the crowded streets.

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Main reason to visit San Marino for over 2 million tourists every year are the duty-free shops. In the narrow streets of San Marino you can find nice interesting unique souvenirs, typical italian food and drinks, a lot of brand shops – Furla, Michel Kors and etc. There are a lot of shops where you can find beautiful jewellers, watches and perfumes.

What you need to know more?

The Official language is Italian. But considering the amount of tourists visiting San Marino, English is ok too.

Currency – Euro

Food – Italian food

P.S: I hope you got inspired and you are already planning your trip to San Marino!