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Travel / Flight Essentials


We all know how tiring can travelling be no matter if it comes to 12-hours flights or long distance train or bus rides. So here are the things which will make better your travels 🙂

So first things first, obviously when you travel your priority must be your comfort! Your outfit need to be comfy enough.. no worries it can still be cute 😉 No matter of what I am wearing and what the season is, I always bring a scarf with me. Especially in planes it can be very cold, so a scarf is always a must! It is also very lightweight and it doesn’t take too much space.

To be honest I don’t own any travel pillow.. but I think it is a good idea, so I am planning to get one for my next trip. Usually I spend my travelling time sleeping, so one of those will be useful.

Next time definitely is a pair of sunglasses, the bigger the better. Not only because sometimes you need to  hide your puffy eyes, but I also wear them like a kind of hair diadem when my hair is super messy.

Of course don’t forget about having some fun or just making time pass faster.. take something to read. A newspaper, a magazine or a book, just keep something with you. Usually no matter which one I take, I prefer to be very light weight.  I like to listen to some music while travelling, so make a nice playlist and just enjoy 🙂

Beauty items I use during the travel are always rose water because it is super refreshing, facial wipes and some bloating paper to reduce the oily shine of my skin.

Don`t forget for the moment you gonna arrive and you will need some refreshening. So if the trip is too long I always carry with me a pair of clean clothes so I can change. Also I always have some body spray or a perfume, tooth paste and a brush, some facial wipes and at least lip stick.

P.S: I hope you enjoy and it is useful for you, if you have any suggestions and travel secrets, I will be more than happy to know!


Пътуването е доста изморително, дългите полети и времето, прекарано в автобус или влак често ми се струват безкрайни. За това имам няколко неща, които нося винаги в чантата си, когато пътувам.

За мен комфортът е на първо място по време на пътуванията ми. Дрехите, които избирам са леки и удобни. Винаги нося със себе си шал, тъй като в самолетите е доста студено. А и той е идеален аксесоар, интересно допълнение и акцент.

По-голямата част от време, докато пътувам, прекарвам в сън. За това малката пътническа възгалвничка е сред нещата, които нося в ръчния си багаж. Ако и вие обичате да подремвате по време на полетите, знаете че обикновено след това не изглеждате перфектно ( освен ако не сте сред единиците късметлии). Аз винаги нося в чантата си големи слънчеви очила, които да скрият зачервените ми подпухнали очи 🙂

Ако пък не спите, е добре да вземете със себе си някакво четиво или плейлист с любима музика, за да не скучаете.

Не забравяйте да вземете със себе си и някои дребни бюти продукти, за да се освежите като пристигнете. Ако пътуването е било дълго, аз винаги нося комплект чисти дрехи, за да се преоблека веднага щом пристигна. Освен това в козметичният ми несесер винаги има малък спрей с розова вода, мокри кърпички, парфюм, паста и четка за зъби и червило.

P.S: А вие какво носите в ръчния си багаж? 





The White Outfit

I have been living in black and white this summer. They are easy to wear and to style.


I choose white pencil skirt and a classic white tee pared with coral flats and clutch. I like the combination between neutral colours like white and black with some pop-up colours like coral or blue. This white combo can be dressed down with sneakers or dressed up with heels.



Details: skirt Nly One ; t-shirt Esprit ; shoes Benetton;

P.S: Let me know how do you style white?




По-голямата част от дрехите ми са в черно и бяло, в гардероба ми почти няма цвят. Причините да се придържам към тези основни тонове са няколко – те няма да излязат от мода, съчетават се лесно и винаги изглеждат добре. А когато изглежда прекалено скучно винаги може да добавите цветни обувки и чанта, както правя аз, или други аксесоари, които да изпъкнат и да внесат настроение.

Детайли: Пола Nly One ; Тениска Esprit ; Обувки Benetton;

P.S: А кои са цветовете, които преобладават във вашия гардероб?




Summer Beauty Essentials


Skin Protection

It is so important to put a sunscreen on your body and especially on your face. For your body you can choose a little bit lower protection but for your face I suggest you better go 50 SPF or up. It will prevent wrinkles and over pigmentation. It will give you a nice soft skin and your tan will be even. There are so many products out there – from lotions to sprays, without smell or with that beachy smell and little shimmery pieces.

In the moment I use Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen SPF 30 for my body. It is a very hydrating and absorbs very fast, also doesn’t have that sticky effect. It smells so good and it has little shimmery pieces which makes your skin looks very shiny and fresh. For my face I use a baby sunscreen SPF 50.


Even you have been wearing a sunscreen you still need some body lotion to hydrate after being under the sun. Lately I have been in love with Yves Rocher`s Body Lotion with Coconut. It is very affordable and it smells like heaven! Also it is really nice texture and absorbs really good. For my face I use La Roche Posay Oil Free Mattifying Moisturizer and it is very good choice for oily skin.

Blotting Paper

Like I said my skin is a little bit oily so when I am wearing make up it becomes really shinny (and it is not in a good way!) so blotting paper helps you to get rid of the oils and doesn’t mess up your make up. I use NYX Tea Tree Blotting Paper and I definitely recommend it!

Hair Care

You definitely don’t want to leave your hair without any protection. So you can choose some hair spray with SPF in it. And don’t forget conditioner and masks so it can recover from the sun. Lately my favourite hair product is Batiste Dry Shampoo. I touch my hair all the time and my roots get oily very fast. So the dry shampoo for me is  a must! It doesn’t leave any colour on your hair like some other products do. It smells good and it is very affordable.


Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin. It will make your skin softer and it will remove dead skins, making you feel fresher and cleaner. If you use self-tanning products or you are going to the beach either way exfoliating will make your tan looking better and more even. I like to use exfoliating gloves or body scrub for my body. And gentle exfoliating scrub for my face. There are a lot of brands and they all work the same way.

Lip Balms

Lips are also important in your skin care routine. I love Burt`s Bees Lip Balms. They are made all by natural ingredients. Constantly making your lips hydrated and soft. They are coming with different kind of smell and are very affordable. My favourite is Vanilla Bean!

P.S: Basically those are my summer must have beauty items. Share with me yours down below in the comment section