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Sunday Afternoon – Aktaion in Naxos

I have found Aktaion Pastry Boutique two weeks ago when I went out for a walk. This is one of the cutest and most Instagram-ish places in Naxos.

There are two Aktaion Pastry Boutiques under the same name in the city. But the one I recommend is in the city centre close to the harbour because it is easier to be found. And also the view is very beautiful, you can take a sit outside and just enjoy the sea and the ships going in and out of the harbour.


Photo Credit : Facebook

Ππεριφερειακός, Νάξος 843 00
84300 Náxos
Phone: (0030) 2285 026111

You can have a coffee as well as some other hot drink. But of course don’t skip those heavenly sweet treats. My favourite ice-cream is the Macaron one which you can see on the photo below.

https://www.facebook.com/aktaionaxos/2Photo Credit : Facebook



You can also choose from a huge selection of French Macarons. Not only a pleasure for the eyes but also super delicious 🙂


More Info: Aktaion Official Site

P.S: Do you like Macarons? Which one is your favourite?



Life Update – The Greek Chapter


Hey lovelies!

I know it has been awhile since my last post again.. But let me give you a small life update for the last month – month and a half..
So as you know if you read one of my latest posts, I have been in Malta .. Thinking to stay for good..
Well, it took me only one week to pack my bags again (actually I never had them unpacked) and to buy a ticket to .. Greece. If you follow me on Instagram you know it already.

I haven’t got the chance to blog a lot and I didn’t really feel like to post.. I tried a couple of new products and I wasn’t super excited about them or I didn’t like them. And I really have been thinking on how my blogging is going and what I need to change.

So since I moved to Greece a lot of things have changed for me. A part from the fact I am still having some difficulties to find a proper job, I am very happy for everything else. Everything is so calm, relaxed and easy going here, so I really feel like the time is flying really fast. I spent my first couple of weeks just wandering around, sunbathing and enjoying the beauty of Naxos. Now I am preparing  for the presentation of my final thesis, so basically I am done with university.. at least for now 🙂 And I will try to keep you updated with what is going  on and I will try to get back to posting a couple of times every week.

If you want to read something or you have any suggestions let me know in the comment section down below or on my social media ❤️



Life Lately or from Boring to too Crazy in 0.1 seconds


Sometimes you find yourself stuck.. trapped …  in emotions… in overthinking… in one place – literally. And you either go with the flow or you change the destination on 180 degrees. Everything depends on you, both choices are hard to make and none of them is the last one.

I found myself in this situation and for a very first time in my life it took me so long to decide on my next step. So long I rushed through my last decision and… here am I again, kind of new -kind of the same old.

After my italian days were over, I spent a couple of months back at home in Bulgaria. It was a nice time, I really enjoyed some family time and catching up with some of my friends. I got to spent time with my sister which was something we didn’t have the chance to do in the last years.  Also I am looking forward to graduate in July! Yay, finally 🙂

I decided to keep listening to  the voice of my wanderlust devil and my inner adventurist so I packed my bags and I arrived in Malta two days ago. And don’t get me wrong it is just a gorgeous gorgeous place! Like I already shared in one of my previous posts, I just love it…

But there is always something to pop up very last minute and keep your mind going… questioning your decisions and plans. So lets see what is going to be next 🙂



Sunday Lunch at Terassa Restaurant

Currently I am back home in Ruse, Bulgaria. Last years I haven’t been spending a lot of time here so I am kind of excited to be back and to discover all those new places. One of my favourites is this cozy restaurant with an amazing view over Danube river. It is also close to the city centre which is great.


Address: bul. Pridunavski 6,
7000 Ruse, Bulgaria
Phone: (00359) 87 771 1611
Working hours : Everyday  10am – 1am
More info: Here



The interior is so cool, the wooden details make the space super cozy and welcoming. If the weather is warmer you can sit outside and enjoy the view and some delicious food served with some of the high quality wines.




P.S: Have you been in Bulgaria? Do you have favourite places?



My 7 Favourite Beauty & Style Youtube Channels

As you know I love to watch youtube videos for inspiration, when I look for more information about products and brands or just for fun. So I decided to share with you my 7 favourite youtube channels where you can find videos about style, makeup and beauty, lifestyle and travel! Here they are (you can go to the channel by clicking the name)

Annie Jaffrey 

Her channel is focused on healthy lifestyle, beauty and travels. She was moving quite a lot and she was living in different places – New York, Dubai and now somewhere in Germany. Annie is very positive and she will definitely motivate you to do a positive changes in your routines.

Ashley Brooke

Ashley is obsessed with fashion, so she makes a lot of videos about style and trends. I really enjoy watching her “How to Style” and “What I wore” series, there are true inspiration for creating looks. Also on her channel you can find beauty tips and tutorials and some funny vlogs with her boyfriend.

Amanda Ensing

She is a real makeup guru! Amanda creates makeup tutorials and reviews of different beauty products. She is very beautiful and funny, so it is always interesting to watch her videos and the looks she creates are always amazing.

Patricia Bright

Patricia is a british blogger and vlogger. I just love her channel, she posts a lot of videos on various topics – beauty, fashion, personal, travelling, advices and lifestyle. Patricia is super positive and funny so it is impossible not to like her videos.

Haus of color

She was the first youtuber I have followed. I really like her because her videos are nice, interesting and funny. I especially enjoy watching her travel vlogs and try on hauls. Now being a new mommy she also makes videos on baby stuff and etc.

Amber Scholl

Amber is american vlogger, she is super hilarious and knows how to have fun. She gained followers super easy because she is always honest, extremely creative and very funny. Her passion to sparkly things and super glam looks are combined with affordable brands, tips and tricks type “broke b*tch” – like she likes to call them.

Maria Draganova

She is bulgarian girl living in London. I found her videos a couple of weeks ago. Maria is very pretty and so stylish. Her vlogs are about high-end or luxury items. She has sense of humour and is always super cute.

P.S: Have you watched some of their videos? Do you have other favourite channels?





They say I need to appreciate the little things that make me smile – the smell of coffee in the mornings, a beautiful flower,  smiles  of strangers… and I do and it makes me happy.

To live the little things because it is ok to be childish sometimes… it is fun to dance in the park when there is only you and him… it is nice to sing loud when your favourite song is on the radio… it is amazing to walk on grass with bare feet… and it makes me so happy!

To love the little things because you don’t need much to be happy… when he buys you your favourite  chocolate… when the sun shines on your face.. when your sister sends you just “how r u sis”-type of a text… when I can smell the sea…when a stranger tells you something nice… every little win every – single – day… makes me super happy!

But I have learnt myself the hardest thing is to appreciate not the things that make you happy, but the things that make you stronger .. force you to grow.. to move.. to change.. Once you learn this you can be happy.

And I do appreciate them because I know if  all of those thing never happened I wouldn’t be here today.. I wouldn’t be me 🙂




Sunday Afternoon in Caffe Pascucci Rimini

Sunday is relax and coziness.. Sunday is comfy clothes and big sunglasses… Sunday is a good coffee and something sweet.. Sunday is a nice walk on the beach with a good friend.

This Sunday I will take you on a walk, we will see one of the most beautiful italian beaches

….and after we will grab a coffee at the most famous cafeteria in Rimini – Caffe Pascucci.


Address: Viale Amerigo Vespucci, 47921 Rimini, Italy

Phone: 0039 0541 709165

More information on www.pascucci.it


The coffee shop is pretty big and if the weather is nice also there are tables outside with а view over the main boulevard from where you can spy the tourists browsing around. You can sit with a friends and enjoy the nice company, or hide in some of the small tables inside and just have a relaxing time and do some work.


I like the interior, it is very simple with mainly black, white and dark brown. There are some little pretty details like pictures on the walls. It is cozy but still modern and stylish.


The atmosphere is very nice, the buzzing around people, the conversations and the warm welcoming from the staff, who works there make your experience even more interesting.


They offer pretty big selection of cold and hot drinks. My favourite are cappuccino and tea. Also with the drinks they give you some sweets as a compliment.


As it comes to the price range, I can say it is higher than average in Rimini. But once in a while it is worth the splurge to spoil yourself.


P.S: Do you have any favourite spots? How do you spend your Sundays?