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My 2018 in review

Изниза се още една година… За мен 2018 беше цветна, емоционална, но и много спокойна.

Случиха ми се много неща, но и не успях да осъществя някои от плановете и идеите си. За това пък имам нови 365 дни пред мен!

Бях вдъхновена и творих доста , но имаше моменти, в които бях много далече от това. Създадох много от нещата, за които мечтаех отдавна.

Щракнах някои много любими кадри и написах няколко любими статии… надявам се и за вас. Започнах нови рубрики тук в блога и имах щастието и късмета да работя с нови и любими брандове! Получих и толкова много любов и подкрепа от всички вас <3 Благодаря!

Срещнах много хора, създадох и нови приятелства. Възродих стари – поднових контакт с хора, с които се познаваме от тооооолкова отдавна!

Пътувах и се радвах на малките и не толкова малките неща!

Ах, колко се вълнува за 2019! Нямам търпение да видя какво ще ми донесе! Пожелавам си да е много цветна и изпълнена с много вдъхновение, любов и щастливи моменти!

Пожелавам и на вас – да сте много здрави, щастливи и смели! Сбъднете мечтите си през 2019!



The New Year Tag

1. Could look back on one memory from last year that you wish you could relive, what would it be?

Difficult first question, I guess I will not enjoy reliving any memory, I just want to create new better ones.

2. What was one New Year’s resolution that you accomplished?

Well, hm…. usually I try not to make any New Year`s resolution list and etc.

3. Three words to describe last year?

Love, adventure, choice

4. Best music related creation/inspiration last year by an artist in your opinion?

Too many good songs and artists, it will be unfair to choose only one.

5. Something your looking forward to this coming year?

Summer 2018, I hope I can travel more and have more fun.

6. What did last year teach you?

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

7. What was your most worn clothing item of last year?

A pair of black high-waisted & wide-leg trousers – absolutely adore them!

8. If you had to sum up your year in one word, what would it be?

Only one word – unexpected.

9. What are you hoping for more of this coming year?

More reasons to smile, more trips and more good ideas for blog posts 🙂

10. What are you hoping for less of this coming year?

Less stressful situations and less unhappy and rude people.

11. Best book you read last year?

My favourite – Sometimes I lie.

12. What is your New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year?

I want to blog consistently and to travel a little bit more!

P.S: Happy New Year, all! Hope you can get anything you want in 2018!



My 2016 in Review


It is that time of the year when you start thinking about all of those important serious questions, where are you, what happened for the last 12 months, what did you achieve and why did you fail…. For me every year in December it is time to check up on myself.

Last year I wrote a list of things I wanted to do/achieve in 2016 so it was kind of a reminder through last 12 months. Someone told me it is much more easy to get something done if it is written, so I do this kind of a wish-list or to-do-lists for an year, a month even for every day. And definitely there is some magic about it! 🙂 .

To be honest not all of my 2016 wishes came true and I didn’t achieve everything I wanted to.. but I believe everything happens for a reason and sometimes not getting what you want may be a bigger blessing.

Now going back through my last 12 months I am happy. I travelled a lot, I visited places where I have been before and I saw it in completely different way. I went to places where I dreamed to go, I was on a solo-trip which before 1 year was a completely crazy idea and I have never ever even considering doing it.

I met so many new people and some of them became my close friends. Now I know the distance is not a problem when the friendship is real. I know also that you may meet someone and he can understand you better and be more supportive than people you know from 10 years. I am sure that everyone who comes in our lives can teach us something.

I learnt a lot of new things about myself, about other people, about places, about life. I prioritised some things instead of others, I learnt to focus on more important things for me, and to do what I feel is right for me, no matter what others think.

I learnt to let go on things, people and even desires. And how to don’t give up on things, people and dreams if they make me happy. I started my blog and I am so happy about it. I clearly understand that it need a lot of work but I am ready to keep going!  I provoke myself in many ways and even surprised myself a lot. I am very grateful for this amazing time  and I feel positive about 2017!

So I am completely ready! Are you?

P.S: Share with me your achievements and happy moments of 2016!