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Life Lately or from Boring to too Crazy in 0.1 seconds


Sometimes you find yourself stuck.. trapped …  in emotions… in overthinking… in one place – literally. And you either go with the flow or you change the destination on 180 degrees. Everything depends on you, both choices are hard to make and none of them is the last one.

I found myself in this situation and for a very first time in my life it took me so long to decide on my next step. So long I rushed through my last decision and… here am I again, kind of new -kind of the same old.

After my italian days were over, I spent a couple of months back at home in Bulgaria. It was a nice time, I really enjoyed some family time and catching up with some of my friends. I got to spent time with my sister which was something we didn’t have the chance to do in the last years.  Also I am looking forward to graduate in July! Yay, finally 🙂

I decided to keep listening to  the voice of my wanderlust devil and my inner adventurist so I packed my bags and I arrived in Malta two days ago. And don’t get me wrong it is just a gorgeous gorgeous place! Like I already shared in one of my previous posts, I just love it…

But there is always something to pop up very last minute and keep your mind going… questioning your decisions and plans. So lets see what is going to be next 🙂





They say I need to appreciate the little things that make me smile – the smell of coffee in the mornings, a beautiful flower,  smiles  of strangers… and I do and it makes me happy.

To live the little things because it is ok to be childish sometimes… it is fun to dance in the park when there is only you and him… it is nice to sing loud when your favourite song is on the radio… it is amazing to walk on grass with bare feet… and it makes me so happy!

To love the little things because you don’t need much to be happy… when he buys you your favourite  chocolate… when the sun shines on your face.. when your sister sends you just “how r u sis”-type of a text… when I can smell the sea…when a stranger tells you something nice… every little win every – single – day… makes me super happy!

But I have learnt myself the hardest thing is to appreciate not the things that make you happy, but the things that make you stronger .. force you to grow.. to move.. to change.. Once you learn this you can be happy.

And I do appreciate them because I know if  all of those thing never happened I wouldn’t be here today.. I wouldn’t be me 🙂




10 Tips on How to be on Time

Being on time is not that difficult if you try to organise your day and prepare yourself. One of the things I don’t like the most is being late so I have little tips and tricks how to manage my time and minimize the chances of being late.


  1. I always make a to-do-list either in my head or I write it down if it is longer. So the night before you can write down what you have to do the next day. I like to prioritise some of the things I have to deal with so I will make a mark on the most important.
  2. Once I have my to-do-list I will think about the time schedule, so basically if I have to leave my home at 8am, I will wake up not later than 7am, so I can get ready and have a coffee and small breakfast. I also consider how long it will take me to get to my first stop, university/work place.
  3. My rule is always “better earlier and waiting, than late“. So I prefer to arrive always earlier, when I calculate my time I always add at least 10-15 minutes for unexpected circumstances which may made me being late.
  4. When I am done with my to-do-list and my time schedule, I decide what I am going to wear, so I don’t waste my time the next morning. I will check the weather forecast so I can pick my outfit accordingly, and also take into consideration where am I going.
  5. When I am ready with the planning, I will set my alarm for the next morning. Usually I am not one of those people who don’t hear their alarms, I wake up on the first ring but just to be sure I put at least two alarms.
  6. Going to bed on time is very important especially if you have a lot of things to do the day after and you have to wake up early. I try to go to bed as early as possible so I can have enough rest.
  7. Usually I stick up to the same breakfast – I always have fruits and coffee before I leave my house. It also helps me to save time because I am not wondering every morning what to prepare and etc.
  8. In the mornings when I wake up I like to play music and not to get distracted by my phone, social medias and etc. So I will put my phone down at least till I leave my house and I will answer messages and check my Facebook, Instagram and etc either on my way or later when I have time.
  9. Before I leave my house I always check one more time if I have everything I will need during this day – of course phone, money, documents and etc. So I will not forget something and then I will need to run back for it and it will ruin my day.
  10. Once you leave your house, don’t make any unexpected stops on your way because you may end up late. For instance if I am going to somewhere and I need to be there on exact time, I will not stop to see shops or pick up food if it is not calculated in my time schedule.

P.S: Do you struggle with being on time or you are organised? If you have another tips, share with me down below.



Travel / Flight Essentials


We all know how tiring can travelling be no matter if it comes to 12-hours flights or long distance train or bus rides. So here are the things which will make better your travels 🙂

So first things first, obviously when you travel your priority must be your comfort! Your outfit need to be comfy enough.. no worries it can still be cute 😉 No matter of what I am wearing and what the season is, I always bring a scarf with me. Especially in planes it can be very cold, so a scarf is always a must! It is also very lightweight and it doesn’t take too much space.

To be honest I don’t own any travel pillow.. but I think it is a good idea, so I am planning to get one for my next trip. Usually I spend my travelling time sleeping, so one of those will be useful.

Next time definitely is a pair of sunglasses, the bigger the better. Not only because sometimes you need to  hide your puffy eyes, but I also wear them like a kind of hair diadem when my hair is super messy.

Of course don’t forget about having some fun or just making time pass faster.. take something to read. A newspaper, a magazine or a book, just keep something with you. Usually no matter which one I take, I prefer to be very light weight.  I like to listen to some music while travelling, so make a nice playlist and just enjoy 🙂

Beauty items I use during the travel are always rose water because it is super refreshing, facial wipes and some bloating paper to reduce the oily shine of my skin.

Don`t forget for the moment you gonna arrive and you will need some refreshening. So if the trip is too long I always carry with me a pair of clean clothes so I can change. Also I always have some body spray or a perfume, tooth paste and a brush, some facial wipes and at least lip stick.

P.S: I hope you enjoy and it is useful for you, if you have any suggestions and travel secrets, I will be more than happy to know!





Permanent Make Up – Yes or No?

permanent make up

Permanent Make Up?

So permanent make up is a technique which suppose to use pigmentation for improving your look. The procedure is basically the same like you are getting a tattoo. It is applied on your skin with needles. The difference between a tattoo and permanent make up is only the depth the needle is putting the pigment. Tattoos are made deeper in your skin than permanent make up. You can get your eyebrows, you lips or some kind of an eyeliner done. You can choose the shape, color and intensity.  There are a couple of different techniques now, so you can choose what suits you best.

During the procedure and right after it

Like I mentioned above it is the same way like you are getting a tattoo done. It is not very painful but it depends on your skin and sensitivity. Right after the procedure you can’t actually see the real results. You skin may be red and a little bit swollen. The colours may look a little bit darker too. In next couple of days/weeks you have to use some kind of cream to hydrate your skin. Also it is good to avoid direct sun light. You may need to go for retouches a couple of weeks later and that is normal.


After a couple of weeks you will be able to see the final results. Depending on what color has been used, your skin type, cosmetics you use, and basically your lifestyle, your permanent make up can last for a couple of months or couple of years. Then whenever you feel like to you can get it redone.

My experience

I got my eyebrows done a couple of years ago. I wanted to get them done because mine was pretty much gone and I wanted a little bit different shape. I was thinking I will not have to use make up to shape them once I get them done permanently.

So I was reading different forums and asking girls who already got their eyebrows done. All of the people I know were very happy with their results and I decided to give it a try. So I got recommendation for one woman who had a salon where she was doing all type of permanent make up and some other beauty procedures.

I wanted my eyebrow to be brown because I am blonde. They turn out pretty dark, much darker than I expected. So color was one problem. The shape at least was fine. So because the color wasn’t suiting me I had to use make up all over them again. I expected the color to fade but it didn’t. After one year when I started reading more I found out something is wrong with my permanent make up. So I reached out to a couple of specialists at this area, they all told me that it for sure is donee wrong and instead of permanent make up I got a tatto! Which will never fade! So I was so shocked and panicked because it literally means I have ruined my eyebrows forever?! ;(  Instead of putting the pigment very lightly how it supposed to be with permanent make up, the lady over did it and made it too deep into my skin, like a real tatto.

Removing a tattoo?!

So once it is done, that is it… I did my research and there are not so many options on removing a tattoo.  I decided to try a laser removing. It is a little bit painful but it is ok, the feeling is same like you are getting it done. Again after you need to hydrate your skin and avoid sun light for a couple of days. Then you can see the results. Depending on what type of your tattoo is, is it colourful and of course again on your skin type, it can take a couple of visits to the laser studio. Colourful tattoos for sure will take more time to be removed. Same is if you have toо much pigment. For instance some parts can fade easily than the rest. Each time you have to wait a couple of weeks so your skin can recover and then you can go again. I have been only two times. And I am happy with my results so far.

Advices on Permanent Make Up

  1. Before going for it, definitely do your research.
  2. Don’t go to somebody based on just 1-2 recommendations. Be sure the specialist does it right and uses nice quality pigments.
  3. And once you decide ask everything you want to know, choose you shape and shades. Ask what is going to suite your face and so on.
  4. Last but not least do it if your 110% sure you want it.

P.S: Let me know about your experience 



Get to Know Me: 25 Random Facts About Me


  1. I am from Bulgaria.. but my heart belongs to the world…
  2. And you should know.. I am wanderluster.
  3. My bucket list is sooooo long 🙂 starting with Europe.
  4. My dream place is … definitely from where I can see the ocean!
  5. I can’t swim.
  6. I love chocolate. I hardly can imagine a day in my life without it <3
  7. I am currently obsessed with pink! … Have never liked pink, even when I was a kid and all other girls used to wear only pink 🙂
  8.  Back then I was wearing yellow a lot!
  9.  I have never been good at sports… never… ever! That`s why back at school nobody                                                 wanted me in their team 😀
  10. I used to go to different sport  and dance classes anyway.. Didn’t stick to anything for  long.
  11. My natural hair color is brown… and No! I don’t even remember how I look with it.
  12. My zodiac sign is Leo.. but I am very quiet and I am not the centre of the attention.image
  13. It gets time till I can open up for new people…
  14. When I was a kid I used to have like 10 cats and 10 dogs.. not in the same time. I named all of them with same names.
  15. I am still a student.
  16. But also got a full time job.
  17. I love combination between white and gold.. Looks super classy to me.
  18. I am obsessed with T-shirts with funny things written on them.
  19. My favorite TV show is The Ellen Show.
  20. I hate buying winter clothes and shoes!
  21. I have two younger sisters <3
  22. I have more than 20 lipsticks but hardly wear anything different than a lip balm.
  23. I don`t enjoy spending time at beauty salons but in the same time I love when my hair and nails are done.
  24. When I am at home I listen to RnB ballads because it makes me relax.
  25. I hate being late. Usually I am the first one to arrive… usually like 30 minutes earlier.

P.S: I hope you enjoy my 25 Random Facts! Can you relate to something?



Don’t follow me.. I am lost too

So this post was totally inspired by one super cool jean jacket.. But it is not about a jacket, not about an outfit .. Not even about an item…

It is about..

Well.. About me.. And maybe you can find yourself too!

I feel lost! Lost in my dreams, desires .. plans.. Lost in my madness and in my hunger for adventures.. sometimes lost in my routines and monotony. I am lost … lost in my feelings.. in my thoughts … in words and beautiful sentences. And there is nothing better sometimes to get lost in your own wonderland.

Good thing is while you are lost you find so much more – you can discover things about yourself you have never thought about because there is always another piece of you. Getting lost is challenging.. it forces you to become better version of yourself.

So don’t be afraid of getting lost, it may bring you to a better place 🙂

I know this post may sound a little bit “non sense” to somebody …but I am sure there will be someone who will find something in it.