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Есенни шарки

Здравей, Ноември!

Есента е толкова красива с великолепните си цветове и пейзажи, сякаш от картичка. Есента  носи аромат на печени ябълки с канела и топъл билков чай. Есента е време за трансформации и дори равносметки.

Някои от любимите ми цитати, вдъхновени от есента:

“Autumn, the year`s last loveliest smile”

– William Cullen Bryant

“Есента е последната най-прекрасна усмивка на годината”

– Уилям К. Бриат

“Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn”

– Elizabeth Lawrence

“Всеки трябва да отдели време, за да седи и да наблюдава как листата се променят”

– Елизабет Лаурънс

“Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day”

– Shira Tamir

“Всеки който мисли, че падналите листа са мъртви, никога не ги е виждал как танцуват през ветровитите дни”

– Шира Тамир

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other season” – Jim Bishop

“Есента носи повече злато в джобовете си от всички други сезони” – Джим Бишоп

P.S: Вие имате ли любими цитати за есента?





They say I need to appreciate the little things that make me smile – the smell of coffee in the mornings, a beautiful flower,  smiles  of strangers… and I do and it makes me happy.

To live the little things because it is ok to be childish sometimes… it is fun to dance in the park when there is only you and him… it is nice to sing loud when your favourite song is on the radio… it is amazing to walk on grass with bare feet… and it makes me so happy!

To love the little things because you don’t need much to be happy… when he buys you your favourite  chocolate… when the sun shines on your face.. when your sister sends you just “how r u sis”-type of a text… when I can smell the sea…when a stranger tells you something nice… every little win every – single – day… makes me super happy!

But I have learnt myself the hardest thing is to appreciate not the things that make you happy, but the things that make you stronger .. force you to grow.. to move.. to change.. Once you learn this you can be happy.

And I do appreciate them because I know if  all of those thing never happened I wouldn’t be here today.. I wouldn’t be me 🙂