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3 Spring Outfits and Makeup Looks with Maria

Since it is officially spring, the weather is getting better and better every minute and everything outside is blooming, I got excited about it! Just because it is time to ditch all those winter clothes and heavy jackets and to put out the spring/summer light comfy sweet outfits! Yay, finally! So in this post I will show you three everyday outfits for spring. I invited my friend Maria from RoseGoldMarble to create three makeup looks for the perfect appearance!

#1 Let`s have a walk

So for this first outfit I decided to go super casual as you can see. It is comfortable, just the perfect wear for a walk outside, run on a  crazy shopping tour or grab a coffee with friends.





Details: Bomber Jacket: H&M; Black Leggins: H&M; T-shrit: Calliope; Shoes: Adidas Superstar; Coffee cap: Starbucks; Ring: Audaviv.

#2 Red is the new black? Nah?

The second outfit is totally out of my comfort zone. Yes, exactly because of the colours. I picked this small bag in army green colour and red details and build up on it. I picked a comfortable trousers and a basic T-shirt.





Details: T-shirt Calliope; Trousers: Calliope; Bag: Stradivarius; Bracelets: Audaviv

#3 Take me on a date

This one is my favourite out of those three. It is casual but still good for a night out or a date. I choose skinny high wasted jeans and bodysuit. You can change the shoes and make it more laid back or dress it up as well.




Details: Jeans: Pimkie; Bodysuit: Primark; Light Coat: New Yorker; Neckless: Audaviv

So to see the makeup looks which my gorgeous friend Maria created, please follow the link to her blog here. You can also follow her on Instagram. And don`t forget to tell us which one is your favourite look in the comments down below!

P.S: Enjoy!



My Fall Wishlist

I am sharing with you my fall desires! Since it is officially autumn, sadly but true… October is already here.. I am ready to reload my wardrobe with some fresh new items. So here they are:


The Bomber Jacket

Huge trend and I don’t have one 🙁 I like this pink one from H&M which is appropriate for a little bit chiller autumn days.

The Duster Coat

Also something I see on everybody. Duster coats can be dressed up and dressed down and the nude colour is super practical.

The Suede Dress

Suede just scream fall to me, very comfy and cozy.

The Bell Sleeves

Bell Sleeves are just huge trend now. I think it is very flattering and it has a romantic vibe to it.

The Leather Skirt

No need to explain 🙂

The Boyfriend Jeans

Comfy and has that cool vibe to it.

The Adidas Super Star

Two words – cool and comfy.

The Laced-Up Flats

They are just so girly and can be the accent of so many outfits paired with the right bag.

The Suede Baseball Hat

You know this bad-hair-days… And of course I like it PINK!

The Lumee Case

For better photos because it is so annoying when you got almost the perfect photo but …oh this bad lighting..

The Rose Gold Watch

I am currently obsessed with pink and rose gold <3. I like watches which you can pair with everything like this one.

All the items are very affordable so I hope I can get my hands on all of them!

P.S: Share with me your fashion steals and your wish list 🙂



Back To School Outfit

For some of you guys it is time  to go back to school and for others there is one more month to go. I know how important is this time to prepare yourself 🙂 I still remember when I was a student I was so sad when the vacation was going to end and still pretty excited for the new year ahead. The last few weeks usually are the time when we go shopping looking for so many things – clothes, organisers, bags and etc.

So no matter now or after one month I wish to all of you a nice and successful year at school! Take all the chances to learn something new, something useful, something which you find interesting.

Here is my simple everyday school outfit:





Details: jeans Benetton, bodysuit ASOS, shoes Zara, backpack Sisley

P.S: I hope you are excited! Share with me your favourite outfits and trends down below in the comment section



7 Shopping Tips

The end of the summer usually is very sad time for me. But it is also a sale time! So I know we all get crazy and sometimes we shop like it is the last time. During the sales it is time we can buy so many things  for half of the price.. so it is exciting time but also we usually  regret a lot of it too.

13814560_1362638133752408_611650447_nSo here are my 7 tips for smarter shopping in sales season (and not only):

  1. Before you go shopping go through your wardrobe, your shoe collection and etc.
    Just see what you already have and which piece need to be replaced. You can even take some photos so you will have it with you. It will help you in those moments when you are looking for some piece to match another you already have and it is kind of difficult to imagine them together or to match the colours.
  2.  Make a list what exactly you are going for and you can set a budget
    If you need a lot of things it will be easier if you just write down what are you going to look for.
  3.  Think how much you want to spend on each of the pieces. Making a budget will stop you to go too crazy!
  4. Another tip to prevent over spending is “Pay cash!”. It has been proved if you pay by card you don’t really realise how much money you are spending. If you hold you money and you pay only cash you are going to spend way less.
  5. When you are already out going from store to another look for quality fabrics and right sizes. No matter is it on sale or not if the fabric is poor it will look cheap and it will not last long. And of course it has to suite your body so if it is too big or too small don’t buy it.
  6. Look for something which you can wear more than one season
    Sales are in the end of every season so I prefer to buy things I can wear next season so they can transition to either cooler to warmer weather. It is nice to buy trendy pieces but ask yourself if it is worth it to buy it and then wear it only 2-3 times.
  7. And last but not least: try to stick to the main list you have
    Meaning try to buy the pieces you needed on first place. If you like something just ask yourself  “Do I really need it?”, “How I am going to style it?” and “Where I am going to wear it?”

P.S: And don`t forget to have fun! Do you have another shopping tips?