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L`oreal Pure Clay Illuminating Cleansing Gel Review


After I have been using L`oreal Pure Clay Detox Face Mask, I was very excited to try out some of the face washes from the same line. Again they are three:

  • L`oreal Pure Clay Glow Scrub (the red one) – 3 pure clays + red argae – cleanses, brightens and exfoliates;
  • L`oreal Pure Clay Purity Wash (the green one) – 3 pure clays + eucalyptus – cleanses, purifies and mattifies;
  • L`oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash (the black one) – 3 pure clays + charcoal – cleanses, removes impurities and gives glow.

I decided to try the black one L`oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash because I really liked the face mask.


“Missing your skin’s glow? Pure Clay Illuminating Cleansing Gel from L’Oreal Paris makes skin feel fresher, brighter and shinier. The cleansing gel is enriched with a combination of three specially selected types of clay and coal for deep cleansing. Dirt, impurities and makeup are removed so skin can experience radiant glow.”

                                                    L`oreal Paris


I really like the packaging, it is easy to use and to store. It is 150 ml which makes it too big for a hand luggage but you can always use the small travel-sized cosmetic containers if needed. The colour is also nice, it looks like a good quality product.



The colour of the gel is black, the texture is very light but a little bit goes for all of my face. I put a small dot of the gel on my Face Brush and it makes a lot of foam. I think this cleansing gel will last a long time. I really enjoy the smell, it is the same like the smell of the face mask.



 3 pure clays + charcoal

  • Kaolin – A highly effective clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum;
  • Montmorillonite – Rich in minerals, a clay recognised for helping to eliminate imperfections;
  • Ghassoul – A pure clay highly concentrated in minerals, renowned to help clarify complexion;
  • Charcoal – Acts like a magnet to “draw out” impurities.

My opinion 

I definitely love this face wash, I had tried  a lot of different ones and my number one is La Roche Effaclar Cleansing Gel. I can say that L`oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash can compare with it. It is a very good quality product and it is very affordable.   I enjoy the smell and the result afterwards – my skin is clean, soft and smooth, the feeling is great!

P.S: Have you tried some of the L`oreal Pure Clay Face Wash Gels? 



Garnier Tissue Masks Review

If you have seen my Garnier Haul you know I got two tissue masks – Moisture & Aqua Bomb and Moisture & Freshness  a couple of weeks ago. So I finally got to use both of the face masks! 🙂

Sheet Masks

Tissue Masks are inspired by Asian beauty and they are so popular at the moment. First I heard about those type of masks one year ago, I found Sephora has sheet masks and that is how I tried for a very first time. I really like the idea of the sheet masks because they are so easy to use – just anywhere, any time. Asian sheet masks are usually for a daily use, such as Sephora ones. Garnier Tissues Masks are worth 1 week of hydrating serum, so they are stronger and not for a daily use.


Garnier Moisture + Aqua Bomb Tissue Mask

The fabric of the mask is 100% natural cellulose fiber tissue so it can soak the hydrating serum and to be easy to place. The serum is worth one week of hydrating which is really a moisture bomb. It contains hyaluronic acid and naturally-derived ingredients. Pomegranate is known as a antioxidant and helps for repairing.

This mask is perfect for dehydrated skin, it is so rich.  I spent one week in Norway and when I came back my skin was quite dry and I felt it dehydrated so I decided to give a try to Garnier Moisture Bomb. My skin felt amazing after trying it. When I removed the mask there was a lot of hydrating serum left and I massaged my face till it absorbs it. On the next day my skin looked amazing! I skipped the day cream because my skin is on the oily side. For once in a while I think this mask is great! I recommend it especially if you have dry skin.


Garnier Moisture + Freshness Tissue Mask

Apart from the hydrating serum, this mask contains also extract of green tea which is perfect for normal to combination skin types. Green tea also tightens the pores balance the oily skin, it was the main reason I got this mask. It is also free of oils so it is not greasy. The tissue mask has a cooling effect which makes you enjoy it even more. This mask leaves the skin fresher, softer and more hydrated.  I definitely love it too!

The packaging 

The packaging is very pretty – light metallic colours. You can make a gift set with some of the other products of the range. It is also very easy to get it with you on a trip so you can have same relaxing -me – time over your holiday.

The application:

  1. Unfold and place to clean skin.
  2. Remove the blue film.
  3. Leave on for 15 minutes and relax!
  4. Remove the mask and gently massage.

The application is so easy and quick because it doesn’t require rinsing. The tissue mask should be unfold and placed directly on the face which guarantees maximum impact. The skin is able to absorb all the hydrating serum and as a result it will leave the skin looking youthful, smooth, softer and hydrated.

The tissue mask is quite big and for sure it will cover your face as it comes to the eyes, nose and mouth it wasn’t difficult to place the cuts. Once I put the mask on my face it felt a little bit heavy but when you peal off the blue film it feels better. I really like the smell and the feeling while wearing the mask.

After both of the tissue masks my skin was very hydrated, soft and smooth. It looked and felt amazing. I like those masks and I will definitely buy them again.

P.S: Have you tried those masks? What are your thoughts?



Sephora Sheet Masks Review

Most probably one of the most famous face masks! Inspired by Asian beauty sheet masks, Sephora combines active ingredients and fine textile. Everybody are talking about it and I haven’t heard a bad opinion so far. So out of curiosity I decided to try one of Sephora Sheet Masks.


There are 8 different masks in this collection, each one is with different ingredients for specific skin type:

  • Avocado Face Mask: Nurtures and supports healthy skin by offering intense nutrition and relieving sensitive areas;
  • Green Tea Face Mask: Mattifies and purifies to soothe skin, minimize shine, and reduce the appearance of outbreaks;
  • Pomegranate Mask: Awakens, energizes, and tones the skin for a fresh appearance;
  • Algae Face Mask: Detoxifies the skin to get rid of impurities that cause dullness for a fresh, radiant complexion;
  • Orchid Face Mask: Moisturizes and evens skintone to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing;
  • Lotus Face Mask: Locks in water to reduce the signs of fatigue and strain for a stress-free and rested appearance;
  • Pearl Face Mask: Perfects and brightens with natural-origin pearl to create high luminosity and visibly minimise irregularities;
  • Rose Face Mask: Provides deep moisture and brightening properties through natural rose extract.

I picked up Green Tea Mask because my skin is oily.


How to apply?

  1. Clean you face and let it dry.
  2. Unfold the mask and peel the extra film.
  3. Leave for 15 minutes.
  4. Massage to absorb and there is no need to rinse.

Sounds very easy! And it was. It is super easy so apply and definitely it is way better than regular masks.

How do I feel?

Before applying I have to admit I had some doubts it will make a difference from the very first time. But surprisingly it did! It smells very nice and in the begging it feels a little bit strange but then it gets nice almost like you are in a real SPA. But I am not going to lie.. it looks ..hm something in between awkward and terrifying.. but luckily I was by myself when I tried it!

Any results?

My skin feels and looks so much better – cleaner and fresher. I just love it.

Do I think to try it again?

Definitely! Can`t wait to go to Sephora so I can try also some of other type.


You can find Sephora Collection Sheet Masks: here

P.S: If you have tried some of Sephora Sheet Masks or you have another favourite one, please let me know in the comment section down below.


Една от най-коментираните маски за лице. Подобно на азиатските маски, Sephora предлага тези памучни маски за лице. Те комбинират в себе си активни съставки и мека тъкан, подобна на тънък пласт плат.  

Тази серия маски на Sephora се предлага в 8 разновидности, за всеки тип кожа:

  • Маска с авокадо: подхранва кожата, осигурявайки и полезни съставки и успокоява раздразнените зони;
  • Маска със зелен чай: матира и почиства кожата, предотвратява появата на несъвършенства;
  • Маска с Нар: събужда, енергизира и тонизира кожата, за да изглежда тя по-свежа;
  • Маска с алгае: детоксикиращо действие, за да се намалят несъвършенствата  и да се изравни тенът на кожата;
  • Маска с орхидея: хидратира кожата и изравнява тена, намалява появата на бръчки и старчески петна;
  • Маска с лотус: хидратира и подобрява вида на изморената кожа, като я освежава и озарява;
  • Маска с перли: озарява и изсветлява кожата;
  • Маска с екстракт от роза: хидратира и тонизира кожата в дълбочина.

Аз избрах маската със зелен чай, тъй като тя е подходяща за моята мазна кожа.


  1. Почистете лицето и го подсушете.
  2. Разгънете маската и отстранете излишният слой.
  3. Поставете на лицето и оставете да действа 15 минути.
  4. Без отмиване, масажирайте докато серума на маската попие или отстранете излишното количество.

Моето мнение

Това беше първият път, в който използвам подобен тип маска за лице. Много ми хареса, че е лесна за употреба и не изисква нанасяне и отмиване. Освен това не засъхва върху лицето, не стяга и не опъва кожата. Усещането по време на употреба е много приятно, миризмата е уникална, чувствах се като на истинска СПА терапия.  След употребата на маската, кожата ми е по-свежа и по-чиста.

Бих ли я закупила отново?

Да, определено бих изпробвала и някои от другите видове.

Може да откриете маските тукSephora Online

P.S: Изпобвали ли сте тези маски? А имате ли други любими маски за лице?