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L`oreal Pure Clay Illuminating Cleansing Gel Review


After I have been using L`oreal Pure Clay Detox Face Mask, I was very excited to try out some of the face washes from the same line. Again they are three:

  • L`oreal Pure Clay Glow Scrub (the red one) – 3 pure clays + red argae – cleanses, brightens and exfoliates;
  • L`oreal Pure Clay Purity Wash (the green one) – 3 pure clays + eucalyptus – cleanses, purifies and mattifies;
  • L`oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash (the black one) – 3 pure clays + charcoal – cleanses, removes impurities and gives glow.

I decided to try the black one L`oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash because I really liked the face mask.


“Missing your skin’s glow? Pure Clay Illuminating Cleansing Gel from L’Oreal Paris makes skin feel fresher, brighter and shinier. The cleansing gel is enriched with a combination of three specially selected types of clay and coal for deep cleansing. Dirt, impurities and makeup are removed so skin can experience radiant glow.”

                                                    L`oreal Paris


I really like the packaging, it is easy to use and to store. It is 150 ml which makes it too big for a hand luggage but you can always use the small travel-sized cosmetic containers if needed. The colour is also nice, it looks like a good quality product.



The colour of the gel is black, the texture is very light but a little bit goes for all of my face. I put a small dot of the gel on my Face Brush and it makes a lot of foam. I think this cleansing gel will last a long time. I really enjoy the smell, it is the same like the smell of the face mask.



 3 pure clays + charcoal

  • Kaolin – A highly effective clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum;
  • Montmorillonite – Rich in minerals, a clay recognised for helping to eliminate imperfections;
  • Ghassoul – A pure clay highly concentrated in minerals, renowned to help clarify complexion;
  • Charcoal – Acts like a magnet to “draw out” impurities.

My opinion 

I definitely love this face wash, I had tried  a lot of different ones and my number one is La Roche Effaclar Cleansing Gel. I can say that L`oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash can compare with it. It is a very good quality product and it is very affordable.   I enjoy the smell and the result afterwards – my skin is clean, soft and smooth, the feeling is great!

P.S: Have you tried some of the L`oreal Pure Clay Face Wash Gels? 



June Favourites

I am in love with this season, it is just my favourite time of the year. The sun is shinning, the skin gets darker, the hair gets lighter.   Pure happiness is to sit somewhere watching the sunset and the sea. During this time of the year I don’t use a lot of makeup, but I definitely try to stick to a good skincare and hair routine. I tried a couple of new products and I really loved those ones:


Face Wash

I bought those two products – L`oreal Skin Expert Pure Clay Illuminating  Cleansing Gel and Garnier Fresh Clarifying Wash with Green Tea. I was really excited to try the first one because I have been using the clay face mask from the same brand. I love both of those face washes and I use them everyday. If you want to read more about them let me know in the comment section down below.


Take Care of Your Hair 

I got the chance to try out Moroccan Oil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, and I really like them. They make my hair very soft, smooth and light. I like the smell and the texture isn’t oily or heavy. I want to repurchase the real size products.


Cute Nails

I got a couple of new nail polishes since now I decided to take a small break from the gel-nail polishes. I really like those coral/ watermelon colours.


Bronzing powder 

A must-have in my summer makeup bag! This one is from Essence –  Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder. It is in shade 02 Sunny.


P.S: Have you tried some of those products? What are your current favourites?



Bioderma Sebium Mat Control Moisturiser Review

In the begging of March, I bought new face day cream – Bioderma Sebium Mat Control. I have tried Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner before and I loved it but this time I found this one in a set with Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant so I decided to try them both.


The packaging

Like a set it came in nice box. The face cream is in a white flat tube with some green detail, typical for Bioderma. It is nice because those type of sets are very nice for presents. As it comes to the price, it was quite a good deal since it was in a set.

More about the face cream

Bioderma Sebium Mat Control is a daily moisturiser for oily and combination skin. It offers a multi-actions care, moisturizing, matifying and smoothing. Its effectiveness is instantly and prolonged during 8 hours, it moisturizes, matifies and smoothes the irregularities thanks to its new generation corrective texture. The shines are biologically regulated and refines the skin texture in order to tightens the pores and limits the appearance of imperfections.

The ingredients



Use & Application

Apply one or two times a day, after using micellar water or washing gel to clean the skin. It is a good makeup base.  The texture of the moisturiser is very light, not oily or sticky. It applies very easy on the face. It absorbs quick and it immediately matifies  the skin. The smell is very light and fresh, I like it.


My opinion

I have been using Bioderma Sebium Mat Control for last 2-3 weeks. I apply it once a day, in the morning after I wash my face. My skin is oily and it gets very shiny during the day, so I always struggle to find the suitable skincare products.

I can say Bioderma Sebium Mat Control is good. It definitely matifies the skin and it immediately looks more mat. When I apply my makeup it goes on  very easy and smoothly, so it is also a good base.

However my skin still gets a little bit oily during the day, so I use bloating paper at least once a day on my T-zone. Comparing to Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner, I think they are quit the same but I like the Pore Refiner a little bit better.

P.S: Have you tried some of the Bioderma products? Do you have favourites in skincare?



Garnier Tissue Masks Review

If you have seen my Garnier Haul you know I got two tissue masks – Moisture & Aqua Bomb and Moisture & Freshness  a couple of weeks ago. So I finally got to use both of the face masks! 🙂

Sheet Masks

Tissue Masks are inspired by Asian beauty and they are so popular at the moment. First I heard about those type of masks one year ago, I found Sephora has sheet masks and that is how I tried for a very first time. I really like the idea of the sheet masks because they are so easy to use – just anywhere, any time. Asian sheet masks are usually for a daily use, such as Sephora ones. Garnier Tissues Masks are worth 1 week of hydrating serum, so they are stronger and not for a daily use.


Garnier Moisture + Aqua Bomb Tissue Mask

The fabric of the mask is 100% natural cellulose fiber tissue so it can soak the hydrating serum and to be easy to place. The serum is worth one week of hydrating which is really a moisture bomb. It contains hyaluronic acid and naturally-derived ingredients. Pomegranate is known as a antioxidant and helps for repairing.

This mask is perfect for dehydrated skin, it is so rich.  I spent one week in Norway and when I came back my skin was quite dry and I felt it dehydrated so I decided to give a try to Garnier Moisture Bomb. My skin felt amazing after trying it. When I removed the mask there was a lot of hydrating serum left and I massaged my face till it absorbs it. On the next day my skin looked amazing! I skipped the day cream because my skin is on the oily side. For once in a while I think this mask is great! I recommend it especially if you have dry skin.


Garnier Moisture + Freshness Tissue Mask

Apart from the hydrating serum, this mask contains also extract of green tea which is perfect for normal to combination skin types. Green tea also tightens the pores balance the oily skin, it was the main reason I got this mask. It is also free of oils so it is not greasy. The tissue mask has a cooling effect which makes you enjoy it even more. This mask leaves the skin fresher, softer and more hydrated.  I definitely love it too!

The packaging 

The packaging is very pretty – light metallic colours. You can make a gift set with some of the other products of the range. It is also very easy to get it with you on a trip so you can have same relaxing -me – time over your holiday.

The application:

  1. Unfold and place to clean skin.
  2. Remove the blue film.
  3. Leave on for 15 minutes and relax!
  4. Remove the mask and gently massage.

The application is so easy and quick because it doesn’t require rinsing. The tissue mask should be unfold and placed directly on the face which guarantees maximum impact. The skin is able to absorb all the hydrating serum and as a result it will leave the skin looking youthful, smooth, softer and hydrated.

The tissue mask is quite big and for sure it will cover your face as it comes to the eyes, nose and mouth it wasn’t difficult to place the cuts. Once I put the mask on my face it felt a little bit heavy but when you peal off the blue film it feels better. I really like the smell and the feeling while wearing the mask.

After both of the tissue masks my skin was very hydrated, soft and smooth. It looked and felt amazing. I like those masks and I will definitely buy them again.

P.S: Have you tried those masks? What are your thoughts?



10 Beauty Products Under 10 euro

We all love beauty products who are good quality but still don’t break the bank. So here are some of my affordable beauty buys:

10 products under 10 euro

  1. Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water & Makeup Remover
  2. Loreal Pure Clay Face Mask
  3. Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes
  4. Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation
  5. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Concealer
  6. Loreal True Match Powder
  7. Maybelline The Nudes Palette
  8. Maybelline Volume Express the Colossal Mascara
  9. Ardell Lashes
  10. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream / NYX Butter Gloss


P.S: If you have other affordable products worth the try, share in the comments down below, I would love to try them out!



DIY Body Scrub

One of the most important skincare steps is definitely exfoliating. It removes all dead skin cells and as a result your skin is much smoother and softer.. and cleaner. Exfoliating your body and your face is slightly different because of course on your body you can use a little bit more harsh products and for your face you have to be more gentle. I exfoliate my face almost everyday and my body – every other day, at least 2 times a week.

For my face I use gentle products and my Remington Facial Brush. And for my body I use one of the three exfoliating options :

  • brush or loofah;
  • exfoliating gloves;
  • exfoliating product/ scrub.

Out of the three I usually use a body scrub and exfoliating gloves. I prefer to do my own homemade body scrub with natural ingredients instead of buying exfoliating body products.

So here are my 2 DIY homemade body scrubs:

Coffee + Oil + Honey


Coffee grounds used like an exfoliator have a lot of benefits. It leaves the skin nourished and soft. It also contains caffeine which tightens the skin and can even reduce cellulite. And last but not least caffeine is a great antioxidant!

Tip: If you want to benefit from the caffeine definitely don’t use brewed coffee grounds because they contain very small amount of caffeine.

The second ingredient – I chose to use an almond oil. Which is known with its many benefits for both skin and hair. Almond oil contains vitamins (E, A) and minerals, it helps deep cleansing the skin pores and it prevents acne.

And also you can add a little bit of honey. It is an antibacterial and it  prevents acne. Honey is also full of antioxidants, so it is great for anti ageing treatment. It also moisturise and softens the skin.


This body scrub is gentle and it smells amazing. I really enjoy using it, definitely you can experiment and add something more.


Sea salt + Oil + Black Tea


Sea salt is more abrasive and harsh than the coffee grounds. If you want the body scrub to be slightly more gentle you can switch the sea salt with brown sugar.

Sea salt is great exfoliator and it is a natural detoxifier. It is used in a lot of high end treatments and products.

For this scrub I chose to use Olive oil. Again like the almond oil it is antioxidant and it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. Olive oil has been used for anti ageing treatments and it softens and smoothers the skin. Another benefit is the fact that it doesn’t clog pores and it moisturise the skin.

And last but not least I added black tea bags. Like the coffee, it contains caffeine, it is great for reducing the puffiness and it can be used in anti age treatments.


This one is more harsh and you have to be careful. I like the smell too and the after-result.


You can make your own formula, so get creative and try out! Basically you can choose each one of those ingredients and mix them together, we can split them into three main groups ingredients (you can add and mix at least 2):

Exfoliant + Liquid + Add ups

Exfoliant (small pieces which will exfoliate)- salt, sugar, coffee grounds, baking soda, oatmeal and etc.

Liquid – honey, olive oil, coconut oil, other essential oils and etc.

Add ups (everything that can be beneficial for your skin) – citrus, black tea, yogurt and etc.


P.S: If you have tried my suggestions, share with me which one do you prefer or you have your own recipes, I will be happy to try them out 🙂



Herborist Discovery Kit Review

One of my most recent beauty buys was Herborist Discovery Kit from Sephora. I bought it three weeks ago, since I have been using it.

herbalist discovery kit

My skin is oily and I have some difficulties in finding nice suitable products, so while I was in Sephora I asked for some recommendation, so I got the answer that Herborist may be the perfect range for my skin. And of course I was very curious to try it.

Herborist is the only Chinese brand which you can buy in Sephora, their products are oriented around the idea of using natural ingredients and Chinese methodology.

“Herborist is the first modern skin care brand based on traditional Chinese medicine.”

First, let me say that the packaging was very nice and pretty. I like the idea of the set.

Herborist Discovery kit contains the following products:

  • T’ai Chi Mask (30 g x 2)
  • Revitalizing & Firming Eye Cream (5 g)
  • Revitalizing & Firming Day Cream (15 g)

You can find it here: Herborist Official Site or in Sephora: Sephora Online

herbalist discovery kit 1

Tai Chi Black Mask

The black mask is Yin. Formulated with a host of active herbal ingredients such as Red Peony, Bamboo Charcoal and Ginkgo Biloba, it rids the skin of impurities—dead cells, makeup residue, excess sebum. A mask without grains, it gently purifies without irritating, leaving you with perfectly cleansed skin.*

You have to use the black mask first. It contains Red Peony, Bamboo Charcoal and Ginkgo Biloba, it is a deep cleanser and removes the impurities from inside of the pores and gently purify the skin.  I can’t really say that is better than other face masks. It implies easily and the smell is good. It leaves the skin fresher. After 5-6 minutes when you wash your face, it is time to apply the second mask.

Tai Chi White Mask

The white mask is Yang. It nourishes and soothes your skin like a caress. Boasting at least ten active herbal ingredients including White Peony, it leaves your skin soft and restores its radiance.*

The white mask soothers and softens the skin, and it helps the shrinking of the pores. After applying it has to stay around 10 minutes, and be rinsed with warm water. I personally use a small towel with warm water to remove my face masks. After using both of the masks, I felt my skin softer and cleaner.

Revitalizing and Firming Day Cream

A creamy daytime moisturizer that delivers elasticity and softness to skin as it protects from the damaging effects of daily exposure to sun and pollution.Revitalizing & Firming Day Cream delivers total antiaging skin care that firms the skin and smooths the appearance of wrinkles. With a nourishing, quick-absorbing texture and a fresh scent, it boasts active, herbal ingredients for rejuvenated, radiant skin.*

The face cream, I have been using everyday and I love it. That is the part of the set I am most excited about.. It is moisturising and it absorbs very good and fast in my skin. It doesn’t leave any extra oil or shine. When I apply my make up, my face stays mat for the rest of the day, which is a miracle in my case. Usually I get shiny and oily after couple of hours, especially on my forehead and my nose, but with Herborist face cream I don’t have this kind of problems.

Eye Cream

3-in-1 skincare that targets wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness, while being gentle on the fragile skin around the eye. Comprehensive skincare that targets the 3 main concerns of the eye area: wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Its gentle, creamy texture boasts a potent trio of herbs that deliver anti-aging action: Rhodiola Sacra, Ganoderma Lucidum and Fragrant Solomon’s Seal. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, puffiness and signs of fatigue are diminished, restoring all the vibrancy to your eyes!*

My second favourite item in this set! It is very light and it absorbs very good. I really like it, my skin feels much better and moisturised after it.

In conclusion, I really like the set. It is nice and very affordable. The quality is excellent and it definitely worth the try. I would like to buy in real size the Revitalizing and Firming Day Cream and to try some other products of Herborist.

P.S: If you have been using it, please let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below. Also I would love to try out your favourites!

*Information from Herborist website and Sephora website.



15 Rose Water Benefits

rose water


  1. Use rose water during the day. Spray it over your face it will refresh and hydrate it. You will feel better and your skin will glow.
  2. Rose water will help you to reduce dark circles under your eyes. Just dip two cotton pieces into rose water and let it sit under your eyes for 15 minutes.
  3. It will help you reduce also redness from irritated skin.
  4. You can use it instead of cleanser. Rose water will remove all dirt and will clogged pores, preventing acne and pimples.
  5. Rose water can be used for all skin types. It help balance oily skin, Cools and soothes dry skin, removing redness. Rose water can be used like a cleanser for normal skin.
  6. Can be used like relief in cases of sunburned skin, scars, cuts and wounds.
  7. Rose water can be used also on top of make up to make it “sit”, like a makeup setting spray.
  8. Rose water help repairing ageing skin. You can use it for tightening up wrinkles and hydrating.


  1. You can use rose water to make your hair glow. After washing off your shampoo and conditioner, while your hair is still wet, you can rinse it with rose water. It will make your hair look shinier and softer.
  2. Rose water can be used as natural conditioner. It has a moisturising effect.
  3. It promotes hair growth.
  4. Also can be used to help reduce inflammation problems.
  5. Rose water can be used in a variety of home-made hair masks.


  1. Rose water can be used like a body spray. The smell is found to be a natural powerful mood enhancer.
  2. Spraying it will make you feel fresh and clean while rose water will moisturise your skin.

P.S: How do you use rose water in your beauty routine?