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Sunday Afternoon – Aktaion in Naxos

I have found Aktaion Pastry Boutique two weeks ago when I went out for a walk. This is one of the cutest and most Instagram-ish places in Naxos.

There are two Aktaion Pastry Boutiques under the same name in the city. But the one I recommend is in the city centre close to the harbour because it is easier to be found. And also the view is very beautiful, you can take a sit outside and just enjoy the sea and the ships going in and out of the harbour.


Photo Credit : Facebook

Ππεριφερειακός, Νάξος 843 00
84300 Náxos
Phone: (0030) 2285 026111

You can have a coffee as well as some other hot drink. But of course don’t skip those heavenly sweet treats. My favourite ice-cream is the Macaron one which you can see on the photo below.

https://www.facebook.com/aktaionaxos/2Photo Credit : Facebook



You can also choose from a huge selection of French Macarons. Not only a pleasure for the eyes but also super delicious 🙂


More Info: Aktaion Official Site

P.S: Do you like Macarons? Which one is your favourite?



Why you should visit Sicily next?

Since it is almost spring.. oh finally! I can’t wait to put away all those winter clothes.. Isn’t it the best time to plan next trip or summer vacation? When it is warm and sunny,  when I close my eyes I see a beautiful island, endless beach, palm trees and turquoise water.

One of the most gorgeous islands in Europe is Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean sea and it is the southern part of Italy.

sicily_xoxogabrielle5Photo: Mount Etna

Amazing Landscapes

Sicily can offer to its guests different landscapes – from agriculture, through beautiful beaches to mount Etna. Etna is the tallest active volcano in Europe and it is located on the east coast of Sicily, close to Taormina and Catania. Etna is also one of the most active volcanos in the world which makes the visit unique and interesting experience.

sicily_xoxogabriellePhoto: Enna

Sicilian Beaches 

Here the beaches are over 280 and they are very different – from rocky coasts to soft shinny sands, from dark blue to clean turquoise waters. One of the most popular beaches are San Vito lo Capo in Trapani, Mondello beach in Palermo, Taormina`s beach and Scala dei Turchi but of course you can always find a hidden spot and be far from the crowd.

sicily_xoxogabrielle2Photo: Southern beach

Sicily is different than Northern Italy

in many ways.. From the food to the lifestyle everything is quite different and not in a bad way. Sicily enjoys the life calm, quite and with no stress which makes it a good place for vacation.


Sicily have been influenced by so many cultures because of its central location and natural recourses. The island was colonised by Greeks, then it was a part of Romans Empire but also it was influenced by spanish, arabs and etc.  While in Sicily you can’t miss visiting Agrigento – Valley of Temples, Siracuse, Taormina,Catania and Ragusa.

sicily_xoxogabrielle3Photo: Ragusa Ibla

Cultural events & traditions

In Sicily you can experience different celebrations – from traditional celebration in connection to the church to celebrations for arts and local foods. Sicilians have a lot of traditions they still follow , they are very religious and close to their families.

sicily_xoxogabrielle6Photo: Siracuse

Sicilians are very friendly and warm-welcoming

I can’t skip the fact that Sicilians are so warm-hearted people. They are kind and very polite. if you need something, they definitely will try to help you. Only difficulty you may face is that most of the people don’t speak English.


In Sicily you can try all Italian favourites – pizza, pasta and etc. But try also some of the Sicilian specialties like the sweet cannoli – a fried tubular shell stuffed with a sweet ricotta, tasty arancini – stuffed rice balls or refreshing granita – shredded ice with different flavours.


Wine culture in Sicily dates from thousands of years, the myths tells how god Dionysos brought the grapes to the island himself. Sicily is famous with its wines – home land of Marsala wine – dry or sweet red, Nero d`Avola – strong red and others, so try them out. Cheers!

ripe-grapes-in-vineyard-picjumbo-comPhoto: Vineyard

Coffee culture

Not much of a surprise here.. For all Italians coffee is very important part of the day, it is not only a drink but it is time to socialise, to meet friends and to discuss some news and passions. Sicilians drink a lot of coffee – from early morning till late after they have dinner.


P.S: Let`s meet in Sicily!


Norway – Ice, Beauty and Happiness

My second trip in 2017, was to Norway. I had the amazing chance to spend one week in this amazing place. I flight from Bucharest to Oslo, the flight took about two and half hours.


When I arrived in Oslo, the very first thing I noticed was the smell of pine trees. Since it was end of February, I was expecting to be much colder. It wasn’t that bad but my suggestion is to try to visit Norway during warmer months.

All the people I met in Norway were very helpful and friendly. So no surprise Norway is one of the happiest countries.

I got a couple of hours in Oslo, and here is what I saw:










Then I continued my trip by train from Oslo to Lillehammer, which is small city situated northern than the capital. Lillehammer is located near lake Mjøsa, all surrounded by mountains. The city centre is full of shops, warm coffee shops and beautiful wooden houses.


Close to Lillehammer is the famous Lysgårdsbakken Ski Jumping Arena. Norway is of course the perfect place for skiing and other winter sports.


Norway is so beautiful – white snow and  threes peeking out, pretty houses with huge windows and tiny paths to the street. Norway is coziness – a fireplace, warm blankets and some cappuccino. Norway is calmness – piece and quiet.



And the only thing I was sorry about was the fact I haven’t got the chance to see the breathtaking Northern lights even after a couple go tries – freezing and impatiently waiting far from the city lights…  but of course it is a good reason to go back again!

P.S: Have you been in Norway? 



Sunday Afternoon in Caffe Pascucci Rimini

Sunday is relax and coziness.. Sunday is comfy clothes and big sunglasses… Sunday is a good coffee and something sweet.. Sunday is a nice walk on the beach with a good friend.

This Sunday I will take you on a walk, we will see one of the most beautiful italian beaches

….and after we will grab a coffee at the most famous cafeteria in Rimini – Caffe Pascucci.


Address: Viale Amerigo Vespucci, 47921 Rimini, Italy

Phone: 0039 0541 709165

More information on www.pascucci.it


The coffee shop is pretty big and if the weather is nice also there are tables outside with а view over the main boulevard from where you can spy the tourists browsing around. You can sit with a friends and enjoy the nice company, or hide in some of the small tables inside and just have a relaxing time and do some work.


I like the interior, it is very simple with mainly black, white and dark brown. There are some little pretty details like pictures on the walls. It is cozy but still modern and stylish.


The atmosphere is very nice, the buzzing around people, the conversations and the warm welcoming from the staff, who works there make your experience even more interesting.


They offer pretty big selection of cold and hot drinks. My favourite are cappuccino and tea. Also with the drinks they give you some sweets as a compliment.


As it comes to the price range, I can say it is higher than average in Rimini. But once in a while it is worth the splurge to spoil yourself.


P.S: Do you have any favourite spots? How do you spend your Sundays?



Coffee in Rimini – Borgo San Giuliano

Rimini is one of the most famous tourist seaside destinations in Europe. It is located in the Northern  part of Italy, on the beautiful Adriatic sea. Rimini is famous with the endless beaches, nice restaurants and a huge number of clubs, bars and cafeterias.


But a part of that there are a lot of things more to catch your attention. One of the prettiest and picturesque places in Rimini is a neighbourhood called Borgo San Giuliano. It will surprise you with its narrow streets, colourful small houses on which you can see beautiful frescoes representing Frederico Fellini`s movies. Walking through the streets will take you away from the noisy and busy main touristic points.






You can get there from the historical city centre, it is only 10-minutes walk. On your way you need to pass through The Bridge of Tiberius (Ponte di Tiberio) which is also very beautiful place, with a view over Marecchia river. When you cross the bridge you can also enjoy a nice walk in Parco XXV Aprile.


I personally really enjoy this part of the city, it is very beautiful and peaceful. Also I happened to find a small coffee shop, right after the bridge in the beginning of  Borgo San Giuliano, called
Pasticceria Vecchi Rimini.


Location: Viale Tiberio 7, tel: (0039) 541 25821

I definitely recommend you to give a try because it is very close to the city centre and in the same time is far from the over-craziness of the main tourist street. It is one of my favourite places in Rimini!


I really enjoy the atmosphere there. You can sit inside and enjoy the interior with the small cute tables, the aroma of fresh coffee and the passionate italian conversations happening on the tables around you! Or you can choose a table outside from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the park and the bridge.


You can pick from their coffee drinks and super delicious sweets which are fresh and prepared there.

I enjoyed my super extra creamy cappuccino and a red sweet dessert with a cream inside!

P.S: I hope you will like it too! Let me know if you have another favourite spots in Rimini!



My Travel Bucket List

I am one of those people who are constantly wondering where to go next and are ready for a new trip 24/7/365. So when it comes to bucket lists with travel destinations… well, mine is endless! And I would love to see every place possible, to get to know more about new cultures, to try new food. I share very little part of my travel bucket list, so here are 10 of my dream destinations:


  1. Paris, France – Paris is love, fashion, art, architecture ..all in one. So no wonders why I start my bucket list with it!
  2. Lisbon, Portugal – colourful  small houses, tiny streets, delicious food, friendly people, crazy nightlife and endless beaches.. oh, isn’t it just like a paradise.. Lisbon has been on my list for quite a long time now. But after one planned but then cancelled trip, in 2017 I  hope I will finally make it.
  3. Greek islands – one of the most beautiful islands in the world, sandy beaches and the turquoise waters – just a breathtaking view. Greece is an amazing place to visit – all the history, myths and art.
  4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Amsterdam is one of the most famous travel destinations. Barely you can meet a true traveller who hasn’t been there. And of course the city has a lot to offer canals, museums, bikes, parks, coffee shops, cuisine, night life….petra
  5. Petra, Jordan – it is just one of a kind place, located in a mountain canyons and a desert. The Rose city is half built and half carved into the rose-coloured stones.
  6. Abu Dhabi, UAE – if I had to choose only one place from this list ..here it is! My absolute dream.. Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Qasr Al Hosn, Al Ain Zoo, beaches, safaris, amazing culture, food and lifestyle.kualalumpur
  7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – is one of the cities that grew in just 150 years. Kuala Lumpur is a modern place offering amazing views from new skyscrapers, luxurious hotels and restaurants, entertainment parks and shopping centres. In the same time you can visit a lot of museums and art shows, go to carnivals and learn more about the Malaysian culture. And lets not left out all the parks, the biggest aquarium and the wildlife!
  8. Seoul, South Korea – a-must-see, the culture is unique,  the lifestyle is very interesting and Korean traditions are  still respected. Seoul is very safe and affordable destination. There is ancient history all around the city. Seoul is famous for being the centre of the tech innovations. Last but not least, the food and the endless shopping! And the best time to go is during the cherry blossom season 🙂
  9. Rabat, Morocco – sun and palm trees. Riding a camila in the desert and exploring fascinating new world, interesting culture, street musicians and markets with smell of oils and spices.
  10. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil – I remember when I was 12 and I had to write an essay about where do I dream to go, so my answer was Rio! And I am sure you know why.. The carnival, the most famous beach in the world – Copacabana, the Christ the Redeemer, the lifestyle, the landscape…

P.S: Is some of those places on your bucket list too? What is on your bucket list?



3 Days in Budapest – Photo Diary

It took me a lot of time to finish my article for Budapest, but it is finally here…

My last stop and definitely my favourite one from my first solo travel was Budapest. It is definitely an unranked city! Budapest is very beautiful place, it is one of the world’s best cities and must be on your bucket list for sure.

I arrived in Budapest very late and was amazed by the beauty of the city at night. I got the pleasure to stay in one very old guest house situated right across the street from the central train station. This area is full of shops, bars, and restaurants and there are so many people all the time. I really enjoyed staying there, it was so unique experience – the house is in hungarian style: beautiful architecture, nice details on the big wooden doors, high ceilings…just amazing!

So if you have 3 days in Budapest, that may be not be enough (and yes! I know I am saying this in almost every blog post  ..but you can make the most of your stay). Budapest is one of those cities where you can spend 2 weeks and every day you can experience something different and not get bored!

First let me explain that Budapest has two sides, separated by Danube river. One is Buda and one is Pest, which have been unified on Budapest. They are quite different – the Pest side is more populous (most of the tourists stay there) and most of the businesses are there due to affordability. The Buda side has the most amazing view as you can see Pest, it also has its very own charm – beautiful old buildings, castle area, and narrow streets. To stay/live there is definitely more expensive as there are million dollar houses and fancy cars everywhere.

Day 1 – Buda side








Day 2 – Pest side











Day 3 – SPA & Cruise

To be honest, I didn’t spend my third day like this.. but I wish I did! One of the top attractions in Budapest are thermal baths. And during my stay I saw so many of those cruise ships, party boats and etc.

Tip: You don’t have to miss visiting some of the local markets. There you can find a lot of local super delicious food and a lot of fresh veggies and fruits.

P.S: I hope you enjoy it! Share with me your favourite places in Budapest, do you like more the Pest side or the Buda side?



Travel / Flight Essentials


We all know how tiring can travelling be no matter if it comes to 12-hours flights or long distance train or bus rides. So here are the things which will make better your travels 🙂

So first things first, obviously when you travel your priority must be your comfort! Your outfit need to be comfy enough.. no worries it can still be cute 😉 No matter of what I am wearing and what the season is, I always bring a scarf with me. Especially in planes it can be very cold, so a scarf is always a must! It is also very lightweight and it doesn’t take too much space.

To be honest I don’t own any travel pillow.. but I think it is a good idea, so I am planning to get one for my next trip. Usually I spend my travelling time sleeping, so one of those will be useful.

Next time definitely is a pair of sunglasses, the bigger the better. Not only because sometimes you need to  hide your puffy eyes, but I also wear them like a kind of hair diadem when my hair is super messy.

Of course don’t forget about having some fun or just making time pass faster.. take something to read. A newspaper, a magazine or a book, just keep something with you. Usually no matter which one I take, I prefer to be very light weight.  I like to listen to some music while travelling, so make a nice playlist and just enjoy 🙂

Beauty items I use during the travel are always rose water because it is super refreshing, facial wipes and some bloating paper to reduce the oily shine of my skin.

Don`t forget for the moment you gonna arrive and you will need some refreshening. So if the trip is too long I always carry with me a pair of clean clothes so I can change. Also I always have some body spray or a perfume, tooth paste and a brush, some facial wipes and at least lip stick.

P.S: I hope you enjoy and it is useful for you, if you have any suggestions and travel secrets, I will be more than happy to know!