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Coffee in Rimini – Borgo San Giuliano

Rimini is one of the most famous tourist seaside destinations in Europe. It is located in the Northern  part of Italy, on the beautiful Adriatic sea. Rimini is famous with the endless beaches, nice restaurants and a huge number of clubs, bars and cafeterias.


But a part of that there are a lot of things more to catch your attention. One of the prettiest and picturesque places in Rimini is a neighbourhood called Borgo San Giuliano. It will surprise you with its narrow streets, colourful small houses on which you can see beautiful frescoes representing Frederico Fellini`s movies. Walking through the streets will take you away from the noisy and busy main touristic points.






You can get there from the historical city centre, it is only 10-minutes walk. On your way you need to pass through The Bridge of Tiberius (Ponte di Tiberio) which is also very beautiful place, with a view over Marecchia river. When you cross the bridge you can also enjoy a nice walk in Parco XXV Aprile.


I personally really enjoy this part of the city, it is very beautiful and peaceful. Also I happened to find a small coffee shop, right after the bridge in the beginning of  Borgo San Giuliano, called
Pasticceria Vecchi Rimini.


Location: Viale Tiberio 7, tel: (0039) 541 25821

I definitely recommend you to give a try because it is very close to the city centre and in the same time is far from the over-craziness of the main tourist street. It is one of my favourite places in Rimini!


I really enjoy the atmosphere there. You can sit inside and enjoy the interior with the small cute tables, the aroma of fresh coffee and the passionate italian conversations happening on the tables around you! Or you can choose a table outside from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the park and the bridge.


You can pick from their coffee drinks and super delicious sweets which are fresh and prepared there.

I enjoyed my super extra creamy cappuccino and a red sweet dessert with a cream inside!

P.S: I hope you will like it too! Let me know if you have another favourite spots in Rimini!



3 Days in Budapest – Photo Diary

It took me a lot of time to finish my article for Budapest, but it is finally here…

My last stop and definitely my favourite one from my first solo travel was Budapest. It is definitely an unranked city! Budapest is very beautiful place, it is one of the world’s best cities and must be on your bucket list for sure.

I arrived in Budapest very late and was amazed by the beauty of the city at night. I got the pleasure to stay in one very old guest house situated right across the street from the central train station. This area is full of shops, bars, and restaurants and there are so many people all the time. I really enjoyed staying there, it was so unique experience – the house is in hungarian style: beautiful architecture, nice details on the big wooden doors, high ceilings…just amazing!

So if you have 3 days in Budapest, that may be not be enough (and yes! I know I am saying this in almost every blog post  ..but you can make the most of your stay). Budapest is one of those cities where you can spend 2 weeks and every day you can experience something different and not get bored!

First let me explain that Budapest has two sides, separated by Danube river. One is Buda and one is Pest, which have been unified on Budapest. They are quite different – the Pest side is more populous (most of the tourists stay there) and most of the businesses are there due to affordability. The Buda side has the most amazing view as you can see Pest, it also has its very own charm – beautiful old buildings, castle area, and narrow streets. To stay/live there is definitely more expensive as there are million dollar houses and fancy cars everywhere.

Day 1 – Buda side








Day 2 – Pest side











Day 3 – SPA & Cruise

To be honest, I didn’t spend my third day like this.. but I wish I did! One of the top attractions in Budapest are thermal baths. And during my stay I saw so many of those cruise ships, party boats and etc.

Tip: You don’t have to miss visiting some of the local markets. There you can find a lot of local super delicious food and a lot of fresh veggies and fruits.

P.S: I hope you enjoy it! Share with me your favourite places in Budapest, do you like more the Pest side or the Buda side?



Romantic Getaway Copenhagen Guide

If you are wondering how Copenhagen can be romantic, in this post I will give you some ideas on places to see and things to do with your loved one while you explore together the capital of Denmark.

  1. Have a dinner in Nyhavn with the most amazing view. You can enjoy the colourful view of the buildings and the canal. It is very touristy area and can be quiet busy but it is worth it!  And you can try some of the typical danish dishes 🙂image
  2. Take a walk in one of the city parks, I can recommend The Botanical Garden which is located in the central part of the city. It is very big one and you can see a lot of different plants, small lakes and glass houses.image
  3. Make a wish under the stars at Tycho Brahe Planetarium. You can watch a 3D movies which will get you close to the stars 🙂
  4. Climb up together to see the beautiful view from the top of The Round Tower. The Tower is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. From the top, the outdoor platform will give you amazing view of the old part of Copenhagen.image
  5. Take a boat tour and see The Little Mermaid. Boat tours are very popular, there are a couple of companies organising them, also if you want you can make it more romantic and organise a private tour. Once you are on the boat definitely don’t miss The Little Mermaid which is a sculpture and one of the symbols of the city. It os one of the most popular tourist attractions and sure you have heard about the fairy tail for The Little Mermaid who gives up her life  on the ocean bottom because she felt in love with a handsome young prince.p1130145
  6. Visit some of the castles, Rosenborg Castle is located in the central part and it is surrounded by a beautiful park and small lake. Inside the castle you can enjoy an exhibition of Danish crown jewels, art and etc.image
  7. Have fun at Tivoli Gardens. The best time to visit is in the evening because then the amusement park with its gardens, old buildings, roller coasters, restaurants are coloured in so many lights which will make you feel like you are in a fairy tail.image

P.S: If you have been in Copenhagen share your experience I will love to hear!




One Day in San Marino

I am sharing with you my day trip to San Marino!


San Marino is the third smallest country in Europe and fifth in the world.  San Marino is the oldest sovereign state and constitution republic in the world. It is located in region Emilia Romagna, so it is surrounded by Italy, 10km away from the Adriatic sea.

How to get to San Marino?

The easiest way to reach San Marino is by bus from Rimini. One-way ticket is 5 euro, return ticket is around 9 euros. The bus leaves from Rimini Train Station. You can buy a ticket from the bus driver.

What to see?

The Republic of San Marino is a couple of small towns situated around a mountain top. The touristic part is the capital called San Marino which is on the mountain top. The capital is surrounded by a stone wall and it is pretty small, there are a couple of small narrow streets with a lot of shops and restaurants.


You have to prepare yourself for some walking till you get to the highest point! But it will be worth it I promise 😉

The Three Towers of San Marino


Palazzo Pubblico:


Basilica di San Marino:


The view:



What I enjoyed the most?

Definitely I am gonna say the view you have from almost every point! If the weather is nice and it is not cloudy or muddy you can see all the surrounding cities and even The Adriatic Sea. It is very beautiful. When you get out of the shopping streets and you start walking to the highest point you will go through some narrow paths, forest around you, clean super fresh air, which was the part I liked better than the crowded streets.

Processed with Snapseed.


Main reason to visit San Marino for over 2 million tourists every year are the duty-free shops. In the narrow streets of San Marino you can find nice interesting unique souvenirs, typical italian food and drinks, a lot of brand shops – Furla, Michel Kors and etc. There are a lot of shops where you can find beautiful jewellers, watches and perfumes.

What you need to know more?

The Official language is Italian. But considering the amount of tourists visiting San Marino, English is ok too.

Currency – Euro

Food – Italian food

P.S: I hope you got inspired and you are already planning your trip to San Marino!




My Bratislava Trip in Photos

After Prague, I went to Bratislava. I stayed there 3 days and was planning to go on a day trip to Vienna from there because it is only an hour – an hour and half distance. So if you want to enjoy relaxed atmosphere in Bratislava I suggest 2 days.

The charm of Bratislava is all concentrated into the old part of the city – Stare Mesto. Paved small streets with crowded coffee shops and restaurants, amazing old buildings, a lot of churches and interesting statues.






















P.S: Have you been in Bratislava? What is your favourite place?





Let`s have a coffee.. in Prague

There are so many small coffee places which can offer you a calm and cozy atmosphere far from the crowd and delicious drinks.

One of my favourites is a french coffee shop “Petite France” where you can also grab a dessert.

Address: Myslíkova 263/22, 120 00 Praha 2-Nové Město, Czechia
Phone: +420 727 841 541
Hours: 8am – 8 pm




And the other one is pretty little place called “Coffee break and cake”. It is quite small, very cozy and the vintage pieces add an extra special touch. I stopped by on a rainy morning and it definitely made my day better! Try out the cappuccino.. I can say one of the best ones I have ever had 🙂




P.S: Have you been to those too? Share with me your favourite coffee shops.



Prague Travel Guide



This was my first solo trip so it was very exciting for me. I traveled from Sofia to Prague by bus and it was a really long ride. I got to the Central Bus Station Florenc in Prague very early in the morning. I had time for a coffee in a small coffee shop near by where I was surprised other people were already having a beer!

The bus station is very close to the city centre you can take the subway or a bus from there. I took tram and after 10 minutes I reached the place where I was staying. Tickets for the public transportation you can buy from small kiosks or directly inside the tram/bus but you will need to pay by card.

I spent in Prague only three days and I can say it wasn’t enough! Prague will impress you with its cultural heritage, 1100 years history, night-life and busy streets.

So here are my must-sees in Prague:


The Vltava river and 17 bridges over it


My favourite area is definitely the river side. Vltava goes through Prague and separates it into two areas which are connected by 17 bridges. There are situated close to each other and each one is unique.   So I spent half a day walking and enjoying the beautiful view .


The most famous one and my favourite is Charles bridge ( Karluv Most) and its 30 statues. It is very busy place so if you want to be able to enjoy it better go early in the morning.


Old Town (Stare Mesto) & Prague Castle

You can’t miss the old part of the city with all small beautiful streets and colourful buildings. There you can also see Prague Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral. From Prague Castle you can enjoy an amazing view. It is very busy area after 10 a.m gets really crowded.






From the opposite side of the river and Prague Castle is Vysehrad which I recommend visiting! From there you can also enjoy the view above the river.




The Modern View

Dancing House ( Tancici Dum) is one of the modern symbols of Prague. It is close to Jiraskuv Most and it is a good option if you want to run away from those crowded streets.

dancing house

Frantz Kafka`s Head – the statue is made of mirror blocks which are moving around. It is very interesting and definitely worth seeing.


The Petrin Lookout Tower

or like they said “Prague`s Eiffel Tower”.


In the city centre – Wenceslass Square you can find a lot of shops of the most famous brands like H&M, Zara, Sephora and etc.

Charles Square (Karlovo Namesti)

It is a square in the new town of Prague and it is one of the worlds largest squares.  There you can see The Town Hall of the New Town and Church of St.Ignatius.




Prague is just an amazing place, it is not a coincidence it is one of the world`s most beautiful cities! So either you choose to go with the crowd or walk through some small streets you will enjoy the beauty of it because it has a its own charm.


P.S: Have you been in Prague? Let me know your favourite spots in this wonderful city?




New York Minute – Travel Guide I

“One belongs to New York instantly. One belong to it as much in five minutes as in five years.”

Thomas Wolfe


There must be something in New York`s air… It is one of a kind place which can`t be explained but has to be felt.

I was in New York a couple of years ago but still remember it like it was yesterday.  New York is one of the most famous cities in the world for a reason and sure a favourite one to a lot of people too.  And of course it is an inspiration for so many movies and songs. New York is the most populous city in the USA and yes it is sooooo crowded.



So depending from where you want to travel, it is pretty easy to find a way to get there. The adventure just started when you are already in New York.

New York City Subway connects all the parts of the city and it can looks a little bit confusing but once you get you will not going to have any problems. And it is the best way to explore the city.

There are of course some tourist buses who can offer you a ride to the most famous touristic spots. But I am not really a fan so I always prefer to go by myself. And New York`s taxis are pretty expensive so you may not want to try.. also because of the traffic it can take forever to reach your destination.

Walk Walk Walk

If you are not going too far just walk.. New York is really a walking city. I feel like it is one of those places ..always can impress you and surprise you.  Even when we were walking on some small streets I still was amazed it is just so much beauty everywhere. So if you choose to go by walking you will have more time to experience this one of a kind city!


Where to stay

There are so many places which can suit your preferences and budget. First when me and my friend arrived we had a booking for some hotel in Brooklyn. But we didn’t actually like it there.. it wasn’t very tourists friendly and it was way too far from everything.

So we moved to a nice small hotel in Manhattan. I definitely recommend staying at some hotel in Manhattan because it is so lovely there and it is very close to everything you want to see.  A lot of people everywhere because it is the heart of New York! Also from there you can easily go to every other place.

The hotel we stayed in was very close to Central Park and Hudson River – very nice location and still quite and cozy. And like I said there are so many hotels so you can easily find the perfect one for you!



Don`t miss

Must see places are difficult to define.. because there is so much to see in city big and unique as New York. No matter if you have one week or one month there will be still something you missed…


P.S: Have you been in New York City? Which is your favourite spot?